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Canadian Pacific Railway

Montreal Facilities

Angus Shops, Glen Yard, Hochelaga, New Shops (Delorimer), Outremont Yard, St. Luc Yard.

Lachine IMS
3024_3048_3130 April 12, 2015

Aerial of Montreal 1947 (zoomable link)

Delorimier Shops 1883-1904

Angus Shops 1904-1992
Article 1920

Angus Shops redevelopment projects.

Systematic Control of Locomotive Repairs 1920


Two aerial views of Angus Shops. Above at its peak circa 1940. Below near the end 1979 Click each image to enlarge.



Aerial views 1930 CNR Turcot (bottom) and CPR Glen (upper) also Glen and Westmount.


Glen Yard Montreal. October 1976 Kevin Day

Straight ahead is a G5 class 1200, to the left a 2400 with Royal Hudsons at far left and right.
Diesel intruder at far right. Summer 1959 Frank Bunker



Aerial view 1918

Aerial view of Hochelaga facilities in 1926.

Map Hochelaga facilities Goad's Atlas 1946

New Shops See: Delorimer above


Map 1963

Changing out the turntable for a longer one. Outremont (Montreal Terminal) 1942

Outremont roundhouse (no table) building rented out to various businesses


Tour of St. Luc Yard by special train 1962
Includes map of yard layout.

St.Luc roundhouse when new.
Aerial view






7039_B-101 hump power.

7038_B-100 hump set



Not much left of the once-proud St.Luc roundhouse, last one built (1949) for CPR.
Now used by Engineering for maintenance of way. 7/25/2010



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