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Canadian Pacific Railway Rolling Stock

Passenger car equipment


Mountain Observation Cars

These unique double dome open platform wooden cars were part of a second order (1906) for three cars following
Observation Car 86 the very first such observation car built in 1902. They were all short-lived.
Canadian Pacific Archives/Digital restoration: Gordon Kennedy

Open observation car on Trans-Canada Limited near Field. Digital restoration: Gordon Kennedy

Open sightseeing observation car used only in the Rockies behind the normal open platform observation car.
Six of these cars (7900-7905) were built but a roof was added a few years later.

Note: Large building in far right background is the ice house in Revelstoke.

CMPRS 4427 open observation cars series 7900-7905 roof applied E.O. 2459 1929

Detailed data and diagrams 7900-7915
Lists all such cars over the years


7904 rebuilt 1922 from Colonist car 2426 (nee 283 built 1887) Scrapped Ogden 1955.
Vancouver September 7, 1953 Walter E. Frost/City of Vancouver Archives

This style of mountain observation car replaced the "hayrack" style below.
A total of 19 similar cars were built or converted over the years including 7900-7915.

599 (ex 1424) one of three 96 seat mountain observation cars (597-599) converted 1956 to replace older cars.
These cars were used on The Dominion and The Mountaineer between Calgary and Vancouver.
Vancouver August 26, 1962 Walter E. Frost/City of Vancouver Archives

First Class Observation Cars

6616 Buffet Parlor car. DAR Kentville, NS Canadian Pacific/Steve Morris Collection

6611-6616 Buffet-Parlor open observation


River and Cape observation cars

Cape Churchill on The Red Wing at B&M North Station, Boston. June 6, 1954
Lawson Hill/John Hutchins Collection

Diagram of floor plan Cape cars.
CPR Circular 62-10 Assignment of Space. Old Time Trains Archives


Buffet, Cafe and Dining Cars

6480 buffet-parlor (4/1952 rebuilt ex cafe-parlor 6556) 16 dining seats 16 parlor chairs.

6656 buffet-parlor 30 parlor chairs. CC&F 1923
Rebuilt 9/1943 coach 1379

Cafe-sleeper DEAN one double bedroom, six sections and twelve dining chairs.
(3/1952 ex Mattawa restaurant-sleeper 6 sections, 1 double bedroom, 12 dining seats.
12/1941 nee Glendalough 10 compartment sleeper.) Built CC&F 1926.
8/1960 became work-service car 411286
Yahk BC 7/4/1954 Alf Coverdale/Bruce Chapman Collection


Sleeping cars Tourist and First Class

6206 tourist 14 sections with kitchen.

R First Class sleeper RESTON (29 cars built 1929) 1 Drawing Room 2 Compartments and 8 sections air-conditioned.
4/5/1968 Vancouver Bruce Chapman Collection

S series first class 12 section 1 drawing room sleeper Scotstown set off No.5 Expo Limited
from Montreal laying over for evening return train. Sudbury Sunday, August 20/1967 Bill Linley

Note: Part of 25 car order built CC&F/CPR Angus 1930 for Trans Canada Limited.
Three cars per train and seven train sets plus 4 spares to protect consists.
Second 25 car order followed in 1931.

19th century cars

Diner Versailles built Crossen Car Co. Cobourg, Ontario, July 1888.

Interior view Versailles 28 seat diner, 70 feet long, 48 tons.

Canadian Pacific Railway/donated by Charlie Mabee (CPR Ret'd).

On the Art of Having Something to Eat

Magazine advertisement 1929 Old Time Trains Archives

Old parlour car interior. Canadian Pacific Railway/donated by Charlie Mabee (CPR Ret'd).

Lightweight passenger equipment

1700 smoker on rear of Suburban train 270. One-of-a-kind short (73' 10 1/2") 72 seat smoker.
Westmount February 28, 1969 R.J.Sandusky/Old Time Trains Archives

Note: Previously Rules Instruction Car 1700.

2103 part of the first of a fleet of lightweight streamlined coaches built to go with the new Jubilee 4-4-4 engines.
One of only 8 short coaches seating 36 & 15 in smoking rooms. 73' 10 1/2" 55 tons ice air cond. Built NSC/CPR 1936

Standard size lightweight coach 2113 being serviced by a carman.
First order 2108-2128 (21cars) seating 52 & 15 smoking. 83' 10 1/2" length 60 tons Built NSC/CPR 1937.
Note: Second order 2129-2178 (50) built 1941-42. (2179-2199 not used).

2200 first of 35 (2200-2234) lightweight streamlined ice air conditioned coaches.
Seating 52 in main room and 16 in smoking room.
83' 10 1/2" Built NSC/CPR 1947.

Note: 2200 has one friction bearing wheelset and three roller bearing ones.
This was also the case on 2100 and 2107. No doubt a test program.

2239 M.A.C. (mechanical air conditioned) lightweight coach. 2235-2298 (64) 60-ton 83' 10 1/2" NSC/CPR 1949-50
Canadian Pacific Railway/Kevin Day collection, four photographs.

Interior view inside smoking room (16 reclining seats) looking into main room 52 reclining seats.

"Passenger" (note boots) entering main room 52 seats.
This young lady and the others are most likely employees in CPR Windor Station offices.

Two "passengers" and scenic picture.

First Class

Ash Grove, second of 19 new style lighweight sleeping cars the first of their kind.
Likely just outshopped from Angus where interior was built.
Canadian Pacific Railway/Steve Morris Collection

Note: Ash Grove was first to enter service departing Toronto on The Dominion for Winnipeg April 22,1949.

Willow Grove one of 19 10 roomette-5 double bedroom sleeping cars. 68 ton 77' 11 1/2" MAC
National Steel Car/CPR Angus 1949-50

Diagram of floor plan Grove sleepers.
CPR Circular 62-10 Assignment of Space. Old Time Trains Archives

Stainless Steel equipment

Gallery of Budd equipment.

Pre-inaugural cross-Canada display 1954 at CNE in Toronto of equipment to be used on The Canadian.
Banff Park and Chateau Bienville.

It's August 1954 and Canadian Pacific has put a pair of its new Budd Company stainless steel passenger cars (Banff Park and Chateau Bienville) on public display in downtown Vancouver part of a seven week cross-Canada preview of its coming new flagship passenger train The Canadian during which time more than 200,000 people toured the cars staffed by 18 people and ending at the CNE in Toronto. Today, the yard still exists and is vital to the railway's Vancouver waterfront operations. The area where the coaches are on display has been redeveloped with new platforms to handle West Coast Express commuter trains. Behind it, the transit authorities Skytrain tracks are located as is the systems boarding platform. Also surviving are the station and adjacent building with the parking lot on top. The buildings behind remain but now house offices or condos. The tank car CGTX 8654 with the warning was used to haul tallow, which the railway continues to do to this day from a nearby refractory. Sadly, the CP box car in front of the tank car with the wording "Spans the World" told of an international conglomerate that no longer exists. CPR/Steve Morris Collection



Head End Equipment

3286 combination baggage and coach (combine) built c.1909
typically used for express and passengers on branchline mixed trains.
Digital restoration: Gordon Kennedy


3752, 60 foot mail car built 1915 and 3459 60 foot SUF mail and express car built 1904 at Ottawa Union station. 1945
A.H.Lomax/Bruce Chapman Collection


Floor plan


4342 Baggage and Express car. (4300-4347 48 cars built 1914-1919) 70 foot. Built 1919

3748 Mail and Baggage car. One of five (3745-3749) 80 foot 65 tons lightweight. Built 1953.

Palace Horse Cars 158700-158749

NOTE: These cars normally used for high value show or race horses and handled on passenger trains.


2822 Dominion Express car with roof ventilators. See later version in colour below.

4639 Fruit Express ventilator car. 60 foot 52 ton tare weight. Built 1911.
One of 6 cars (4635-4640) converted from baggage-express cars 4093-4098
and upgraded 1928 with steel centre sills and end reinforcements.
See similar car M&A 4632 with different roof ventilators below.

4076 and another fruit express car are getting a wash in the Drake Street coach yard in preparation for the upcoming fruit season. The last one for this car as it was scrapped in January of 1960. Built at Angus in 1911 these 60 foot wooden cars had steel center sills and steel end reinforcements. Note the roof mounted ventilators that scooped in fresh air. By its fresh appearance this car likely had a paint job over the winter befitting its location on the headend of passenger trains.

C.P. 5510 one of 100 (5500-5599) 40' 45 ton wood S.U.F. 2406 cu.ft. express reefers built 1917-18 c.1953
Old Time Trains Archives


5600-5649 express refrigerator cars Dominion Express. Steel UnderFrame 30-ton capacity CC&F 1922

Complete details with diagram

4904 ex "290" 40 foot box car stencilled Equipped for Passenger Train Service.
Repainted in silver to match stainless steel cars.
29019-29115 (96) built 1937

280537 wood S.U.F. express reefer renumbered into freight series.
c.1966 Old Time Trains Archives

280731 40 foot 30 ton (tare 40 tons) express reefer with overhead ice bunker and underslung charcoal heaters.
Note: Renumbered into new freight car series 280700-280795 from passenger car series 5800-5904.
30 cars built 1950, 25 each 1952, 1953 and 1954. 5855 and up equipped with roller bearings.

450249 old express reefer in passenger colours, now OCS.
Note stencil "Leaky tanks, Heater Service Only."
HSO cars were common in later years.

I Yard downtown Calgary May 27, 1975
Phil Mason


Montreal and Atlantic

M&A 4632 Fruit Express car, last of 7 cars (4626-4632) and the only one with six wheel trucks.
Built 1913 and upgraded April 1928 with steel underframe and ends.
Note lettering between doors.


OERM 821 (ex AMT/nee CP 821) Orange Empire Railway Museum, Perris, CA 1/20/2018 Note: 813 also here.

Hocking Valley Scenic Railway "CP" 2255 beautifully restored and modernized for tourist train service.
Nelsonville, Ohio 7/21/2018


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