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Canadian Pacific Railway

L and M Class 2-8-0 Consolidation type

1026 one-of-a-kind Mother Hubbard converted by CPR July 1904 from one of a number of compound engines built in 1899 by Richmond Locomotive Works, Richmond, Virginia. (#2804 3/1899). Wooten firebox designed for anthracite coal available in Alberta. It worked between Medicine Hat and Laggan (Lake Louise). While it was not duplicated four D11 class 4-6-0's were rebuilt by CPR after which this engine was reverted 3/1911 and in 4/1913 it was renumbered 3230. Scrapped 4/1935.

1201 SE Class compound. 22"&35"x28" 57" drv. Schenectady 25092 10/1901
First of 42 engines (1201-1242) 5/1906 reclased M3a 1550
Rebuilt 3/1907 to simple 22" x 28" class M3b.
Renumbered 12/1912 3350.
Scrapped 2/1941

M4d 1633 Schenecttady 30285 10/1904 Re# 8/1912 3438


L2b 3116 compound 20"+30" x 24" cyl. 2-8-0 51" drv. Baldwin 13252 2/1893
Ogden shops c.1914 (retired 3/1914) Doug Phillips Collection

732 and 737 doubleheading the Royal Train westbound at Field. September 1901
Archives of the Canadian Rockies Vaux collection

S.E. 3 2-8-0 732 Baldwin 16459 737 Baldwin 16464 3/1899
Became L5a 3180 and 3185 scrapped 12/1929 and 1/1937.


M1a class (3200-3245) 3216 cyl. 20" x 26" drv. 57" CPR New Shops #1293 10/1899. Rebuilt 5/1911 Scrap 6/1945.
These engines were built with Belpair boiler as compound engines with 21" & 33" x 26" cylinders. Rebuilt as superheated simple engines. A number of them lasted into WWII. Note bigger tender and footboards. A good looking little engine.
Penticton BC August 1943 Bud Laws Collection

3216 snowed in! Note early 4200 gallon tender. Location and date unknown.
There were many places across the system where heavy snow fall did this.
Manual shovelling by many sectionmen was the way out.

M1c 3229 same specs as M1A class. Richmond Locomotive & Machine Works 2803 3/1899
Duncan, VI. 5/1/1940Harold K. Vollrath Retired 4/1941.

M2d class (3250-3305) 3274 cyl. 20" x 26" drv. 57" CLC #488 6/1900 Rebuilt 5/1912 Scrap 12/1946
These too were built as compound engines and likewise rebuilt same as M1 class. Original tender converted to oil firing.
Wellington, VI Bud Laws Collection

M3 Class

Cyl. 22" x 28" Drv. 57" Press. 170 lbs. t.e. 31%

M3b 3369 one of the last four engines of this class retained for use on light branchlines in New Brunswick.
The others: 3379, 3387 and 3388 lasted until the end of steam. The latter has been preserved at CRM/Exporail.
Likely Edmundston, NB no later than 1957. (Scrapped 6/1957) Schenectady 25804 8/1902.

3379 with a short train of old wooden box cars. Aroostook, NB Schenectady 25813 8/1902
Old Time Trains Digital Archives/digital restoration: Gordon Kennedy

M4 Class

What is most interesting about these M4 class engines (and, D-10's) as seen over the years is their numerous differences in spite of having the same specifications. Built by different companies they were near identical engines mechanically. Some of the many differences include tender size/style, headlight type and location. Some kept the old style headlight mounted atop the smokebox rather than centered on the door. This kept the beam higher and therefore out of the eyes of yardmen switching. Old style v-shaped dual and newer single flat illuminated number board. Bell mounted above the top check valve, a CPR design and at a separate location between the sand and steam domes. Single or compound air "pump" or, compressor.
Old style kerosene (coal oil) classification lamps with blinders to hide two lenses from view.
Footboards were required by Collective Agreement with the union when assigned to yard service. Easily changed out.
Many engines were equipped with tenders more suitable for yard or road switching not having flaring to block view to the rear. All were 5,000 gallons water capacity and 10 tons of coal.
Thirty engines were later rebuilt into V4 class 0-8-0 yard engines, renumbered 6920-6949. These engines had lower 53 inch drivers and were rated at 41,700 (42%) t.e.rather than 36%. Further rebuilds were stopped and many of the 2-8-0's already in yard service simply continued such work, some until the last years of steam.

M4a, b, c and d sub class

3400 - 3440

Cyl. 21" x 28" Drv. 58" Press. 200 lbs. t.e. 36,200 lbs. (36%)

M4a class 3400 first of 166 (3400-3565) of these durable engines,
a number of which lasted until the last years of steam. MLW 29863 10/1904

Note the old style oil classification lamps (with blinders) converted to electric.
Note the tiny yard headlight designed to counter visibility problems for yardmen due to fog in Vancouver. See also 3449.
Drake Street Vancouver September 28, 1941 Bud Laws Collection

3403 Note the different location of the bell no longer affixed to the top check valve. Single air pump.
High-mounted headlight, rear headlight and footboards for yard service. MLW 29866 10/1904
Sutherland SK August 18,1948 Doug Cummings/Bud Laws Collection

3406 fitted with footboard and old style headlight. Trail, BC 6/01/1935

3406 with mountain territory wooden pilot fitted to ease removal on the road in an emergency after hitting an obstruction
such as fallen rocks. The usual boiler tube type would be bent up and difficult to remove in order to allow the train
to proceed. Newer style electric classification lamps. Compound air compressor.
New Westminister June 1938 Bud Laws Collection

What's wrong here? Nothing really. For some years a few Western Lines M4 class engines used in yard service had their
pilot truck removed making them an 0-8-0. The exact reason is uncertain since it would throw extra weight on
the front pair of drivers and increase wear offsetting any "savings" from not having to maintain the pony truck.
Of course, it insured the engine wouldn't be used in road service if short of power.
It is said the trucks were kept handy in case any officials showed up from Montreal!
3407 Sutherland, Sask. November 8, 1938 Bud Laws Collection

M4c 3412 with slope back tender for yard service. CLC 630 9/1904 North Bay c.1947 Al Paterson

M4d 3421 one of twenty engines (3421-3440) built in USA by Schenectady #30273 10/1904
Lambton June 4, 1939 Bud Laws Collection

3421 unchanged years later. London October 1953 Bud Laws Collection

3425 in yard service. St.John, New Brunswick. October 1947 Bud Laws Collection

3426 still with a single air "pump" and old style high mounted headlight and bell mount. Whistle shroud to direct sound away from crew. Note Canadian-only combination pilot. Ottawa October 15, 1958 Dick George/Paterson-George Collection.

3432 in yard service. Note rear headlight. Brandon, Man. 2nd week of June 1941 Bud Laws Collection

M4d 3437 Schenectady 30289 10/1904 Location and date unknown. Bud Laws Collection

3439 fresh out of Angus Main Shops. Schenectady 30292 10/1904

M4e 3441-3450 (10 engines)
M4f 3451-3460 (10 engines)
M4g 3471-3530 (60 engines)
M4h 3461-3470 3531-3565 (45 engines)
Sub total 125 engines
Grand total 166 M class engines

Cyl. 22 1/2 " x 28" Drv. 58" Press. 180 lbs. t.e. 37,400 lbs. (36%)

M4e 3442 (CPR 1458 5/1906) Crown Street, Quebec City.
Two photos: 8/26/1958 John Dziobko

Note the unusual sand tower!

Two views (above and below) c. 1959 Quebec City. Bud Laws Collection


M4e 3449 one of ten engines (3441-3450) built by CPR Angus Shops. #1465 6/1906
Cylinders 22 1/2" x 28" boiler pressure 180 pounds per square inch. Tractive effort 37,400 pounds (36%).

Note the unique headlight designed to counter visibility problems for yardmen due to fog in Vancouver. What is that box on the pilot for? Note the galvanized tin drinking water pail on the ground near cab steps. It was put in a special compartment in the tender behind the fireman. A block of ice kept it cool. One common pail for three men was all there was and the lid was its own drinking "cup" shared by everyone! Vancouver October 19, 1942. Bud Laws Collection

M4f 3455 another sub-class of ten engines (3441-3450) built by CPR. Very old style headlight converted from oil (note the air vent). Converted oil (to electric) switchlamps with blinders used as classification lights. Wooden pilot. Road type tender.
Penticton April 1938 Bud Laws Collection

M4h 3467 (3461-3470 ten engines) CPR 1516 4/1907 Outremont, Quebec April 1932 James A. Brown Collection

M4g 3472 (3471-3505 35 engines) MLW 42128 6/1907 Yard engine looking fresh out of Ogden!
Calgary 10/29/1950

M4g 3491 just out of yard service and looking good. Note the slope back switcher tender off a yard engine.
July 19, 1949 North Bay George W. Parks/Bruce Chapman Collection.

3498 another M4g with a slope back tender off a switcher.
Farnham, Que. October 13,1947 George W. Parks Collection/courtesy of Bruce Chapman

3514 in yard service at an unknown location in 1959. Red box on tender contains fire hose standard for yard service.
Bruce Chapman Collection

M4g 3518 in yard service at Sutherland, SK. January 6/1949 Baldwin 30934 5/1907


M4g 3521 (3506-3530) built by Baldwin #31052 6/1907 Lyndonville, VT. Bud Laws Collection

Baldwin Locomotive Works built 25 of these Consolidations in 1907, most lasted until the 1950's except for three including the 3512 lost in January 1947 off a barge into the very deep Slocan Lake in BC.

3522 sold 10/1956 Manitoba and Saskatchewan Coal

3524 with old style trucks. Lyndonville, Vermont Bud Laws Collection

3524 left side. Footboards. Compound air compressor. New type tender trucks.
Montreal September 1, 1949 Bud Laws Collection

3525 engineer and fireman posing (blower on heavy) at unknown roundhouse. Bud Laws Collection

3527 dead yard engine. Lyndonville, Vermont Bud Laws Collection

M4g 3528 switching in Ottawa June 1946 Baldwin 31254 7/1907 Bud Laws Collection

3528 with its replacement, 7088 a brand new MLW S-2 the first diesel in Ottawa. 2/21/1949 Canadian Pacific

3528 was transferred from Ottawa West to Chalk River. Note new style illuminated number board
Above photo is likely at North Bay where it was maintained.
Bud Laws collection

3529 Class M4g 2-8-0 Cyl. 22 1/2" x 28" Drv. 58" Press. 180 lbs. T.E. 37,400 BLW #31255 7/1907
51 years old and still going! Brownville Junction, Maine. October 25, 1958 Joseph Testagrose Collection

Another view of 3529 fifteen years earlier during World War II (note billboard).
St.Johnsbury,VT July 1943 Bud Laws Collection

3546 is in Brownville Jct., Maine looking east. This was one busy spot in steam days as you can see.
Roundhouse and turntable to the right of the photo. Caption: Wendell Lemon

M4h 3553 in yard service, and equipped with a slope back tender off a switcher. CPR 10/1909
Smiths Falls July 5, 1947 George Parks Collection/courtesy Bruce Chapman

3554 in yard service. Fredericton, NB 8/1951 Ken Mac Donald/Joseph Testagrose Collection

Note: Became QCR 62 in 8/1926. Reverted to CPR 3554 in 1937

3560 posed in a perfect rods-down pose! Looks not long out of the back shop. CPR Angus 12/1909
7/1923 became QCR 58 until 6/1936 returned to CP 3560. Retired 9/1955
Location and date unknown. (1952 assigned St.Luc) Bud Laws Collection



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