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Nahant Yard Nahant Yard

     Nahant Yard is located on the west end of Davenport and is a regular beehive of activity. All trains receive new crews here at Nahant and most trains either receive new power or do some other form of switching. Nahant hosts a 6 stall roundhouse with a fully operational turntable. This is where most locomotive servicing occurs. There is also a fuel rack and sand tower located here. The roundhouse is located at the south end of the yard at the corner of Wapello Ave and Railroad Street, fully accessable by the public. The yard office is located at the north end of the yard. Follow Railroad Street and you'll go right past it! Concord Street crosses the mainline north of the yard office and provides a safe pull-off for any movements.

West Davenport Yard

     To the north out of Nahant is West Davenport Yard. West Dav handles mostly local industrial chores, but is also used for pickups and setouts. The West Dav yard office is located off of Schmidt Road. At West Dav, the former MILW trackage (now IC&E mainline) splits off to the right while the former CRI&P "Golden State Route" trackage continues straight, allowing the ICE to serve Purina and interchange with the Iowa Interstate. All mainline traffic uses the former MILW trackage to get out of town. Nahant and West Davenport share the same yard limits and all moves are governed by the yardmaster at Nahant. The southern yard limits are located at a farmer crossing at MP 197.6. The northern yard limit board is located near Marquette Street at MP 193.

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