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Future Features at OhioRails

     Below is a listing of features we plan to add to OhioRails.  We hope that, when these features are uploaded, that you will use them and tell others about us.  Do you have any ideas for future features that aren't listed below?  If so, we'd love to hear your ideas!
     Thank you all for your continued support of OhioRails!

-The OhioRails Team

  • Discussion Forums -   Done!
    We hope to implement this feature by April 1, 2002.  It will users to discuss and ask questions relating to Ohio railroading, as well as surrounding states (Michigan, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and West Virginia).

  • Improved Chat Room -
    For those of you who remember the original chat room on OhioRails, we will be utilizing a different chat client. We will also host moderated scheduled chat sessions, but there will also be an unmoderated chat room open for random discussions 24/7.  Discussions will only be limited to railroading and model railroading in the Great Lakes region.  Look for this service in the very near future!

  • Monthly Photo Contests -
    Sorry, no prizes will be offered.  The only "perk" one will receive is the photo displayed on the home page, as well as in a gallery dedicated to contest winners.  We hope to have this started August 1, 2003.

  • E-mail Updates -   Done!
    Subscribers to this list will be able to receive instant updates regarding OhioRails.  This will include any features added, new photographs, etc.  This should be in place by February 18, 2002.

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