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Conrail Photos

  • One of the Conrail Ballast Express engines seen here at Horseshoe Curve.

  • C40-8W no. 6183 leads a mixed freight out of Altoona, bound for Pittsburgh.

  • SD40-2 no. 6437 leads train TV-11 around Horseshoe Curve, heading for Pittsburgh.

  • SD80MAC no. 4128 leads an intermodal through Marion, OH.

  • Here is the Juniata Loco Shops "welcome board." Anyone who has gone by the loco shops, should have seen this.

  • A SD40-2 leads a UP C40-8 and a long TV train across the NS diamond see here in Marion, OH.

  • OCS-503 deadheads through Toldeo, OH, bound for Altoona.

  • OCS-503's lead unit, E8A no. 4020.

  • Train OCS-603 has just pulled into the Ohio State Fairgrounds. It was operating from Cinicinnati, OH to Columbus, OH. It was operating as the last Ohio Operation Lifesaver train under the Conrail name. The lead units were all three of Conrail's E8A's, number's 4021(lead), 4020 and 4022.

  • Shot number 2 of OCS-603.

  • SD80MAC no. 4122 is on the point of this freight outside of Toldeo, OH.

  • LMS C40-8W no. 704 and another LMS unit head a freight over the Sandusky Bay Bridge, Sandusky, OH.

  • SD60M no. 5622 races, yet another freight across the Sandusky Bay Bridge, Sandusky, OH.

  • A C40-8W and a Ballast Express unit haul a coal drag across the Sandusky Bay Bridge. This photo also shows the drawbridge.

  • C40-8W no. 6280 is approaching the Sandusky Bay Bridge on the banks nearest Port Clinton, OH.

  • SD40-2 no. 6462 is also on its way toward the "Bay Bridge" at the same location as the previous photo.

  • SD60M no. 5561 leads a train across the junction at Bera Tower, Berea, OH.

  • SD70MAC no. 4142 and another SD70MAC, start to get a freight underway in Galion, OH at the Sherman Street crossing.

  • A closer view of the 4142.

  • B23-7 no. 5003 and a sister B23-7 head a freight south (Timetable "West") down the Columbus Line, few miles west of Galion.  And here is a closer view of the 5003.

  • C40-8W no. 6081 is ready to depart the Crestline Triple Crown yard, in Crestline, OH.

  • SD60I no. 5627 and another unit lead a westbound freight through Galion.

  • C40-8W no. 6060 and a sister Dash-8 lead another freight through Galion toward Indianapolis.

  • A perfect picture of the Last Days of Conrail; fast moving freight trains passing each other. This is the case at Sandusky, Ohio as one freight train heads toward Cleveland and another heads for Toledo. C40-8W no. 6194 leads the train heading west.

  • PRR (ex-CR) C40-8W no. 8370 and another unit lead a freight north through Galion.

  • SD50 no. 6706 and another SD50 lead a train east toward Galion through Marion.

  • Views 1, 2 and 3 of the newly redone CSXT (ex-CR) interchange.

  • Two Conrail units about to move across the redone interchange. Same units move slowly across the newly redone Crestline interchange. These engines are on NS (ex-CR, nee-PRR) trackage, as NS got the trackage from Pittsburgh to Crestline, and then trackage rights over CSXT from Crestline to points west.

  • A photo-op of a lifetime! Two Conrail trains (one is lite engines) side-by-side. SD80MAC no. 4101 and SD60I no. 5582 are waiting for new crews to get on.

  • This is the lite engine movement in tow mentioned from above photo. These engines were wrecked in Moxahelia, Ohio on the West Virginia Secondary. The two engines (not the SD60I, just the C40-8W and SD50) hit an Anchor-Hocking glass truck and derailed the engines and 14 coal hoppers. The Dash-8 got the most damage, as it was the lead unit. Click here to view the wreck.

  • A CR train running over the Chicago Line near Sandusky, Ohio. The sun makes this photo a nice one.

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