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Conrail Office Car Special Photos

          This page is dedicated to the legacy of the Conrail OCS.  All of these were taken by Chris Burchett's mother. We give special thanks to her, for this page (and many others) wouldn't be here right now.  If you have any photos of the OCS, please e-mail us!!

OCS-603; Columbus, OH - Point Pleasant, WV (CR-to-CSXT OCS):

  • Conrail E8A no. 4022 leads the business train along with sister engine no. 4021 through Albany, Ohio. This is where we started the chase.

  • Car no. 8 behind the 4021.

  • OCS-603 going through the beautiful southeastern Ohio countryside.

  • Conrail 4022 going across the crossing at Hobson, Ohio.

  • End-observation no. 3 at Hobson.

  • The entire train going across the bridge over the Ohio River between Point Pleasant, WV and a town near Hobson. Notice a barge going underneath the bridge.

  • A close-up of the 4022 going over the bridge.

  • Theater Car no. 9 and train are backing-up through the NS (ex-CR)/CSXT interchange yard in Point Pleasant. After the train is on CSXT tracks, it will then depart to Huntington, WV, under train symbol "P98." Anyone who was there chasing the train from Point Pleasant to Huntington, please e-mail us.

  • The 4022 at Point Pleasant, still slowly backing the train onto CSXT tracks.

  • The 4022 sitting on CSXT tracks beside the ex-NYC depot, with switches lined and clearance to head to Huntington as train P98. By the way, the NYC depot was moved from the ex-NYC tracks hidden from view behind the trees above it. The tracks that the P98 are sitting on are ex-B&O.

  • Train P98 racing to Huntington and crossing a small railroad crossing.  The guy with the video camera is Chris Burchett. He got the chase on video, while his mother took the still shots. He also took some audio recordings of it.

  • The 4022 and the P98 getting very close to Huntington, while moving through a small community outside of Huntington.

  • The P98 has finally arrived in Huntington, and is now splitting up the train into different sections. The no. 9 and three others will head on to Jacksonville, one car will go to Russell, KY, another will stay in Huntington as will the two E8A's. Also spotted in Huntington, the two FP7s that CSXT owned.

  • Another close-up shot of the 4022.

  • The 4022 and CSXT SD40-2 no. 8118 sitting side-by-side in front of the yard office in Huntington.

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