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CSXTransportation Photos


Locomotives and slugs:

  • CW44AC no. 35 and a sister AC44CW lead a westbound coal drag through Marion.

  • CW44AC no. 60 is setting around near the fueling rack with some other engines at Russell Yard.

  • CW44AC no. 162 hauls another CSX coal train through Marion, heading south.

  • CW44AC no. 162 leads a coal drag east across the CSXT Indianapolis Line diamonds on the old C&O (ex-HV) in Marion.

  • CW44AC no. 170 leads a freight by NS C40-9W no. 8923 near Gate City, VA. Courtesy Chris Starnes.

  • CW44AC no. 252 and another CSXT AC44CW lead a southbound (timetable "east") unit coal train across the CSXT (ex-CR) diamond in Marion.

  • CW44AC no. 274 is the only unit heading this long coal train in the same direction and spot as the previous photo.

  • New! -- CW44AC no. 342, CW44AC no. 368, and CW44-6 no. 627 leading Q108-30 through Galion, Ohio on December 31, 2002.

  • New! -- CW44AC no. 342 seen again with Q108 arriving at the crew change point of Middletown Road in Crestline, Ohio.

  • New! -- CW44AC no. 342 get Q108 underway once again with a fresh crew.  The train will be tied down upon arrival in Collinwood Yard.

  • CW60AC no. 600 is having its first picture ever taken at the GE shops in Erie, PA. CSXT company photo.

  • CW60AC no. 689 and sister CW60AC lead an eastbound stack train past the LaGrange, Ohio detector, just north of Wellington.

  • GP38-2 no. 2174 is still seen in Seaboard System paint at CSXT's Walbridge Yard (ex-HV) in late '98.

  • Road Slug no. 2260, a former GP30, is sort of helping out with another CSXT engine in pulling a freight train over the barely visible grade at Chillicothe.

  • GP38-2 no. 2542 has been given yard duties this day in Russell Terminal, along with a yard slug and a GP39, and were photographed passing the new signal bridge and silent RU Cabin at the west end.

  • GP38-2 no. 2661 is setting idle for now at the Low Yard at Parkersburg. The High Yard and the Low Yard are two different yards. The High Yard was part of the B&O's St. Louis-Washington D.C. mainline. The Low Yard was also part of the B&O. The High Yard and part of the old B&O main through that yard is still in use somewhat. It is mainly used for coal trains coming from Relief, Ohio. Then they take the connecting track to the Low Yard after they do a run-around on their train.

  • Former SBD GP38-2 no. 2667 is seen setting at the small (and I mean small!) interchange yard between NS (ex-CR) and CSXT in Point Pleasant, WV. Notice that this engine is still in full Seaboard paint and only has the initials "CSXT" under the number on the below the cab window!

  • GP38-2 no. 2671 is switching the High Yard with a CSXT "Cab" in Parkersburg, WV.

  • NYC (former CR) GP40 no. 2805 is pulling a slow freight into Russell Yard, Russell, KY. This engine has been recently renumbered, and has orange numbers over the original. CSXT Cab no. 903945, in "Operation Redblock" paint, is right behind NYC GP40 no. 2805.

  • GP39 no. 4288 and yard slug ease to a stop with their yard job, in front of silent RU Cabin.

  • GP39 no. 4297 and a yard slug are pausing for a moment at the Willard Terminal.

  • B36-7 no. 5847 and CW44AC no. 76 (hidden from view) lead a slow intermodal train through the brand new CSXT interchange track. This track was reconstructed between the old C&O line and the newly acquired Conrail line. It directs southbound trains on the C&O to the west on Conrail.

  • GP40-2 no. 6425 and two other engines (actually, one is a GP30 road slug) head a freight towards Russell at Grays Branch (near Greenup), KY. The last unit (an actual engine, not the slug) is no. 6854 still in Chessie System paint!

  • C40-8 no. 7546 and a C44-9W lead a westbound coal train over the old C&O trackage in Marion.

  • C40-8W no. 7654 and a sister C40-8 lead a westbound freight over the old CR at Marion.

  • C40-8W no. 7666 and AC44CW no. 449 were captured at the east end of Russell Terminal on their way to the servicing facility.

  • C40-8W no. 7729 and EMDX SD40-2 no. 6305 are the lead locomotives of the four unit consist, pulling an eastbound mixed freight into Newark.

  • C40-8W no. 7812 is getting ready to leave the High Yard and enter the Low Yard in Parkersburg. This unit is the old Bush engine that pulled George Bush's campaign train in '92.  In addition, she was repainted back into the standard CSXT paint scheme around 2000.

  • C40-8W no. 7903 leads a merchandise train north (timetable "east") through Galion, Ohio, on the CSXT (ex-CR) Indianapolis Line.

  • New! -- C40-8 no. 7942 trails GCFX SD40-2 no. 3096 on a freight in Marion, Ohio, December 31, 2002.  Despite the "speed shot", this train was actually moving about 10 MPH or so.

  • SD40-2 no. 8048 moves slowly across the NS (ex-NKP) diamond seen here along with an old B&O Color Position Signal at Fostoria.

  • SD40-2 no. 8058 hauls yet another CSX freight train through Marion.

  • SD40-2 no. 8148 is seen at the same location, moving in the same direction as the last photo.

  • SD40-2 no. 8220 and a C40-8W lead a general freight through Point Pleasant, WV, on the same day as the 2667 and the ex-B&O cab were seen.

  • SD40-2 no. 8230 leads a slowly moving general freight across the ex-C&O Limeville Bridge in Sciotoville.

  • SD40-2 no. 8446 heads up a long coal drag almost on the CR Indianapolis Line diamond in Marion.

  • SD50 no. 8545 and another SD50 lead a freight northbound (timetable "west") across the CSXT (ex-CR) diamond in Marion.

  • New! -- SD50 no. 8582 leads a westbound grain train (G359-30?) through Galion, Ohio, on December 31, 2002.

  • SD50 no. 8604 and a SD40-2 pull another CSX coal train through West Virginia, just north of Parkersburg.

  • NYC SD60 no. 8711 (former CR no. 6842) and a sister SD60 idle with train at the east end of Parsons Yard (ex-HV), Columbus, Ohio.

  • C40-8W no. 9047 leads train a mixed freight near Greenup, KY.

  • MofW GP40 no. 9710 and two other CSXT engines (ahead of this unit) are sitting with a freight train in tow at the Parkersburg "Low Yard."  This is unit is in the CSXT "Pumpkin" scheme.

  • This is a perfect line-up of engines at the Russell Terminal fueling racks. If you look closely, you may be able to see the Conrail Dash-8.

  • Two units (actual engines; not slugs!) are doing some switching at Parsons Yard, Columbus. This yard was once part of the Hocking Valley Railway that was merged into the C&O in 1930. The bridge that goes over the street (to the left of the engines, but not in view) used to say "Chesapeake & Ohio", but that is giving way to writing that used to be on the bridge that says "Hocking Valley Ry." For more info on the HV, click here.

  • A cold, snowy January night finds three CSXT GP's idling at Parsons Yard. 

Rolling stock:

  • CSXT boxcar C&O no. 164237 was photographed at the west end of Willard Terminal in late 2000.

  • Former CSXT 227437 is in a small cut of scrap cars, being switched around at Russell Terminal.

  • Specially painted CSXT Cab no. 903180 in Columbus. This was painted by the C&O Historical Society in 1993. The lettering in the white box reads, "Safety Cabooses, 20th Anniversary, 1973-1993."

  • CSXT/Chessie (ex-B&O) caboose no. 904054 sets in front of the CSXT yard office in Chillicothe. (Interesting note - this yard use to be a part of the old B&O St. Louis to Washington, D.C. mainline.).

  • A close-up of CSXT/Chessie (ex-B&O) caboose no. 904061 that is connected to the 2667 in one of the above pictures.

  • Operation Lifesaver caboose no. 904079 is also spotted in Chillicothe, but this one is protected by a chain link fence.

Other Equipment:

  • Though really not a piece of CSXT equipment anymore, we felt it belonged in this section.  This trailer is former C&OZ 202083, caught stationed (as a tool shed) alongside Business U.S. 23 outside Chillicothe.  The number may not be completely accurate and our vantage point wasn't the best, but a piece of history preserved on film!

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