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Historical Photos Page

     One can find photos of railroads of the past in black-and-white, unless otherwise noted.  Note, this does NOT include Conrail or any other recent fallen flag.  This photo gallery mainly includes railroads such as pre-NS era, N&W in the steam days, PRR, and so on.  If anyone has any photos they have that they would like to contribute to this gallery, please let us know!

  • C&O 2-8-4 Kanawha no. 2701 is sitting at the Marion Union Station, Marion, Ohio, possibly in the '40s.

  • Overhead view of the PRR Crestline roundhouse area in 1947.  Crestline, Ohio.

  • Erie PA-1 no. 732 is the lead engine of a set of A-B-B-B-A set of units leading a freight by the AC Tower and Marion Union Station.  For those of you who have visited Marion before, notice that the signal bridge is still standing.

  • Erie E8A no. 846 and a sister E8A leading a passenger train into Marion.  Photo was taken from AC Tower.  Also, notice the track closest to the tower is still in place.

  • Lake Superior & Ishpeming 2-8-0 no. 34 at an unknown roundhouse location.  This is an interesting photo, as it is a photo of the Western Maryland Scenic's no. 734 still in LS&I service. This engine is also the direct sister engine to HVSR no. 33 (ex-LS&I no. 33).

  • N&W 2-8-8-2 no. 2043 in Norwood, Ohio. A "wig-wag"-type crossing signal is in operation in this photo.

  • A N&W steamer is sitting under the coaling tower at Portsmouth Yard, Portsmouth, Ohio.  It looks as though a man is shoveling up some of the excess coal on the ground.

  • Two NYC steamers (one is no. 1968) sit at the coaling area at the NYC Galion Yard, Galion, Ohio.  This yard is now completely gone.  Only a couple tracks of the yard are still there that CSXT uses to store engines and various MOW rolling stock.  Conrail used to do this as well prior to the split.

  • PRR 4-6-2 K-4 no. 3874 looks as though she's undergoing some repairs at the Crestline roundhouse.

  • PRR no. 6785 4-8-2 M1a Mountain is crossing the diamonds at the Crestline Station.  The station is now completely gone, the tracks have been torn-up/relocated, and the signals are now all gone.  The track to the left (from cab point-of-view) is the one that has been moved about 100 feet over to make room for the interchange track for CSXT traffic.  Locomotive information provided by Matt Brown.

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