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Norfolk Southern Photos



  • SD70 no. 2514 and another engine lead another NS freight through Marion.

  • SD70 no. 2552 leads a freight on foreign rails on Donner Pass. Courtesy Matt Easton.

  • Former SOU GP38 no. 2556? sits on the Bellevue Locomotive Shop lead, as seen from the cab of SD9M no. 53.

  • GP38AC no. 2874 moves NW caboose no. 555078 through Bellevue Yard.

  • GP38AC no. 2877 leads a local move through Marion.

  • SD40 no. 3320 leads a mixed freight through the city of Marion.

  • PRR (former CR) GP40 no. 3333 and three other units pull a freight over the NS Columbus District in Chillicothe.

  • B23-7 no. 3973 is the sole power for the NS Track Geometry Train, and is seen approaching the CSX Indianapolis Line diamond in Marion.

  • B23-7 no. 4021 and a SD40 head out of Portsmouth Yard lite.

  • GP38AC no. 4146 is sandwiched in-between a C40-9W and C40-8.

  • GP59 no. 4634 sits at the small yard in Circleville. View available for this locomotive are front and profile.

  • SD40-2 no. 6138 is switching some cars around in Portsmouth Yard, and appears to have been repainted recently.

  • PRR SD60M no. 6785 and SD60I no. 6719 lead an eastbound coal train through a snow-covered Clintonville (small suburb of Columbus off I-71).

  • PRR C39-8 no. 8212 gets an eastbound mixed freight back up to track speed at Clintonville.

  • C30-7 no. 8509 leads a fast flying intermodal train through Lucasville.

  • C40-8 no. 8560 leading an intermodal train on the Columbus Line in Chillicothe.

  • C40-8 no. 8618 has a red block just north of Marion.

  • C40-8 no. 8683 is waiting for a clear signal indication outside of Lucasville, on the Columbus District.

  • C40-8 no. 8723 and a SD50 lead a freight into Portsmouth, while the switcher does some work.

  • C40-9 no. 8755 leads a time freight across the CR diamond in Marion.

  • C40-9 no. 8788 leads another intermodal on the Columbus Line in Chillicothe.

  • C40-9W no. 8923 leads another coal drag heading north (Timetable "West") through Marion.

  • C40-9W no. 8991 leads two more units and a mixed freight slowly through Portsmouth Yard.

  • C40-9W no. 9059 leads yet another freight across the CSXT (ex-Conrail) Indianapolis Line diamond in Marion.

  • C40-9W no. 9104 and another unit lead a fast freight north (timetable "west") through Marion.

  • C40-9W no. 9119 leads a long coal drag to Sandusky, OH through Marion.

  • C40-9W no. 9252 is one of twenty(?) NS Dash-9's wearing the "Operation Lifesaver 25th Anniversary" paint scheme. Portsmouth Yard, Portsmouth, Ohio.

  • New! -- C40-9W no. 9555, the lone locomotive on the 45N, nears Chauncey, Ohio, on January 23, 2003.

  • New! -- C40-9W no. 9694 stops due to a "signal malfunction" at Cooke Road in Clintonville, Ohio, February 5, 2003.

  • Susquehanna SD70M no. 4052 heads a slow moving freight through NS Bellevue Yard.

  • St.L&H SD40-2 no. 5532 leads a rather long coal drag (aren't they all?) at a very slow pace through Williamson, WV, NS Williamson Yard.

  • Roanoke Shops has three "visible" engines sitting outside today.

  • Here we see an NS engine movement at Portsmouth Yard, Portsmouth.

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