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GO TRANSIT 'TOUR - 04 May 2002' - RGBurnet

RGBurnet ©2002

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Willowbrook Yard
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Dedicated to the Memory and Kindness of ~ Allan D Johnston, GO Transit ~
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West End Yard facilities now includes a modern consist coach wash which also handles the locomotives. A run-around track exists on the north and south sides of the yard. Tracks 6W to 15W are reserved for wayside power (locomotives) opposite the control centre.

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RGBurnet ©2002    RGBurnet ©2002    RGBurnet ©2002    RGBurnet ©2002
(1) West End (looking east)
(2) Cab Car's lined up
(3) CC210 with new Series VI bi-levels
(4) Roof shot looking west of west end

RGBurnet ©2002    RGBurnet ©2002    RGBurnet ©2002    RGBurnet ©2002    RGBurnet ©2002
(5)-(6) Roof shot of wayside hookup for locomotives
(7)-(8) Wayside hookup ground level
(9) Wayside hookup looking west (both east/west wayside power)

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