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The main shop facilities are pristine, and ulta-modern in the servicing of consists and individual locomotives. Cars can be fully inspected underneath for wear and tear, brake needs, wheel trimming (inspections are done on the PM track, the canopy service tracks, and the locomotive inspection shop), servicing for fresh drinking water and careful enviromental treatment of toilet waste. Locomotives can be fully serviced including traction motors, HEP, brakes, computer system repairs. On shop track DS3, up to two locomotives can be "road tested" without even leaving the GO shops. The main shop is a testament to a sophisicated level of mechanical effiency and organization.

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RGBurnet ©2002    RGBurnet ©2002    RGBurnet ©2002    RGBurnet ©2002
(1)-(2) Coach-Locomotive Wheel Trueing/Turning Machine
(3)Traction Motor
(4) 524 in for road test

RGBurnet ©2002    RGBurnet ©2002    RGBurnet ©2002    RGBurnet ©2002    
(1) to (4) 544 HEP service

RGBurnet ©2002    RGBurnet ©2002    RGBurnet ©2002
(1) 2010 Service
(2) TriRail CC504
(3) TriRail 811

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