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Willowbrook Yard
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East End Yard facilities now includes a modern locomotive wash just opposite VIA Rail's service track building. (VIA's consist wash is the small building north of the main shop towards the west end.) A run-around track exists on the north and south sides of the yard. North is Track 1 and is joined by F1, F2, and F3 just east of the wheel bay; South is 16E/W. Track 1 is on the north side of the change off platform behind the wall and it and F1 are used for inservice consist change offs. There is an accessible platform on the change off platform - the first operational one on the system. Although F3 is normally used only to access the PM and wheel bay it does join Track 1. There is a very sharp bend just east of the sand tower that has been known to derail cars, the max speed through the curve is 2MPH. Track 1 continues west through the yard and passes south of the consist wash to Canpa. Tracks 7E to 15E are reserved for wayside power (cab cars) opposite the control centre. 6E is a paved fire route and only used to dispatch 6W. The diesel inspection shop (DS3) took away the former roadway.

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RGBurnet ©2002    RGBurnet ©2002    RGBurnet ©2002    RGBurnet ©2002    RGBurnet ©2002
(1)-(2) Cab Car hooked to wayside power
(3) Outside east end of main shop
(4) Locomotive wash facility
(5) Main road entrance (gate security)

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