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UCOR EXAM Rules 261 to 272
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Rules Covered #261 to 272

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RULE 261 - Q.1 - On portions of the railway, and on designated tracks so specified in the time table, or by special instructions, trains or engines will be governed by block signals whose indications will

RULE 264 CTC - Q.2 - 2. What is required of a member of the crew when a train or engine is stopped by a signal indicating stop and no conflicting movement is evident?

RULE 264 CTC - Q.3 - When a train or engine has been authorized to pass a STOP signal under the provisions of Rule 264 the train or engine so authorized must:

RULE 265 CTC - Q.4 - When a train or engine is stopped by a signal indicating stop and all means of communication have failed, such signal may be passed under protection of a flagman. For what purpose only would the signal be passed under the provisions of this rule?

RULE 266 CTC - Q.5 - When requesting track and time limits under the provisions of Rule 266, employee:

RULE 266 CTC - Q.6 - When authority under the provision of Rule 266 is granted the instructions

RULE 266 CTC - Q.7 - When track and time limits have been granted and the instructions have been repeated to the train dispatcher when may movement be made?

RULE 266 CTC - Q.8 - During the period track and time limits are authorized may the train or engine use the track or tracks specified in either direction without flag protection?

RULE 266 SYSTEM SPECIAL INSTRUCTION - CTC - Q.9 - When a train or engine has been given exclusive occupancy of a track or tracks within specified limits and specified times to perform switching or other work in accordance with this rule, if movement is unable to be clear of the main track before time specified, how will it be governed?

RULE 268 CTC - Q.10 - A train or engine must not enter on nor foul a main track, nor re-enter a main track after having cleared it:

RULE 268 SYSTEM SPECIAL INSTRUCTION - CTC - Q.11 - What is required of a member of the train or engine crew at an electrically-locked hand operated switch when it is necessary to break the seal?

RULE 269 SYSTEM SPECIAL INSTRUCTION - CTC - Q.12 - Is protection of the rear of the train on the main track required in C.T.C. territory?

RULE 270 - CTC - Q.13 - Unless otherwise provided, what is required with respect to trains displaying signals in CTC?

RULE 272 - CTC - Q.14 - When CTC operation is interrupted or suspended, how will trains and engines be governed?

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