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UCOR EXAM Rules 261 to 272
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Rules Covered #321 to 322 plus Item Numbers

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RULE 321 MBS - Q.1 - On portions of the railway the use of the main track will be governed by the manual block system. Where will these portions of the railway so specified be indicated?

RULE 322 MBS - Q.2 - In Manual Block System territory, unless otherwise provided, who will supervise the movement of trains?

ITEM 2.1 MBS - Q.3 - Is there superiority between trains in MBS territory?

Item 2.1 MBS - Q.4 - What is the authority for movement on the main track in MBS territory outside of yard limits?

Item 2.1 MBS - Q.5 - Trains will be designated as Extra or Work Extra and in the application of Rule 21 will display, (COMPLETE THE SENTENCE)

Item 2.2 MBS - Q.6 - MBS clearances and MBS bulletins must be repeated before being acted on, but do not become effective until, (COMPLETE THE SENTENCE)

Item 2.3 MBS - Q.7 - Employees when repeating MBS clearances must read aloud, (COMPLETE THE SENTENCE)

Item 2.4 MBS - Q.8 - Which employee or employees are responsible to ensure that all other members of the crew have a definite and proper understanding of the requirements of all MBS clearances and MBS bulletins as soon as practicable after they have been received?

Item 2.5 MBS - Q.9 - Who is responsible for obtaining MBS bulletins affecting their trains?

Tiem 2.8 MBS - Q.10 - Except as provided by instruction (2.12) is flag protection required in MBS territory?

Item 2.9 MBS - Q.11 - Stations will be used to designate the limits of an MBS clearance, does such authority permit use of the main track between the switches of the siding, at either of the stations named?

Item 2.10(a) MBS - Q.12 - May an extra train authorized to "Proceed" by MBS clearance make a back up movement?

Item 2.10(b) MBS - Q.13 - When will the main track be considered clear?

Item 2.11(a) MBS - Q.14 - May a Work Extra given exclusive authority between the points named until the time specified by MBS clearance move in either direction without flag protection?

Item 2.11(b) MBS - Q.15 - When MBS clearance is extended, the new time must be recorded in the place provided, by Train Dispatcher and the employee copying such extension, and must be repeated, but must not be acted upon until the Train Dispatcher has given the "Repeated" time and his initials. How many times may this clearance be extended?

Item 2.12(a) MBS - Q.16 - Two or more work extras may be authorized to work within the same limits, protecting against one another, and when so authorized, must their MBS clearances so specify?

Item 2.12(b) MBS - Q.17 - If protection other than that prescribed by Rule 99 is to be provided between such work extras, it must be arranged in a clear and concise manner, by direct contact between whom?

Item 2.12(b) MBS - Q.18 - How will these arrangements be made as per Question 16?

Item 2.12(c) MBS - Q.19 - What speed must not be exceeded until it is positively established there will be no conflicting between the trains involved?

Item 2.13(a) MBS - Q.20 - Cancellation must be sent to and acknowledged by whom?

Item 2.13(b) MBS - Q.21 - Who must immediately destroy his copy of canceled MBS clearance and ensure that all other member of the crew have been advised?

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