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UCOR EXAM Rules 505 to 517
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Rules Covered #505 to 517

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RULE 505 - Q.1 - Block signals, cab signals, or both, govern the use of the blocks. Do they supersede the superiority of trains?

RULE 506 -Q.2 - When an interlocking is in use in ABS territory, what governs movements through the interlocking?

RULE 508(a) - Q.3 - A station protection signal affords protection against:

RULE 508(b) - Q.4 - Where approach signals to station protection signals are not provided, approach signs will be placed

RULE 509(a) - Q.5 - How will a train or engine be governed when it is stopped by a signal indicating STOP and no conflicting movement is evident?

RULE 509(b) - Q.6 - On information from the train dispatcher that there is no conflicting train movement the train or engine may proceed:

RULE 509(c) - Q.7 - When stopped by a signal indicating stop in ABS territory and information cannot be secured from the train dispatcher that there is no conflicting train movement in the block, how must movement be made beyond that signal?

RULE 510 - Q.8 - A train or engine which is to enter a siding or yard track at a point where the switch to be used is not more than 500 feet beyond a Stop and Proceed signal.

RULE 512(a) - Q.9 - At main track crossover where block indicators are provided the indicators at the switch in each track refer

RULE 512(b) - Q.10 - What is required before entering the main track at locations where block indicators are provided?

RULE 513 - Q.11 - Except at meeting points where the train to be met has cleared the switch and is occupying the block; what must be done when block indicators are not provided or when declared out of service?

RULE 514 - Q.12 - A train or engine entering a block between signals must be protected as required by the rules. How must it then proceed?

RULE 514 - SYSTEM SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS - Q.13 - When a train or engine enters CTC where an electrically-locked hand operated switch is provided, is it necessary to go at restricted speed to the next signal if such switch is working properly?

RULE 515 - Q.14 - When a train or engine having passed a signal permitting it to proceed at other than restricted speed is delayed in the block, what is required?

RULE 517 - Q.15 - If any part of a train or engine overruns a signal indicating STOP, front of train or engine must be protected immediately as prescribed by Rule 99:

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