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Brakemen's Examination - 1993 - Part Seven


Q.91 - When throwing a track switch, what is the most important thing to be observant of:

Q.92 - Over the years, the trend in railroading has been which of the following:

Q.93 - A head end brakeman on the locomotive is responsible for:

Q.94 - In a radio reverse movement, you, as brakeman, start receiving radio communications from the conductor as you are about to radio communicate signals to the engineer. What should you do:

Q.95 - A fouling point (FP) on a siding is the point where:

Q.96 - At night, a brakeman on the ground at the end of a fairly long train, signals the engineer with his lantern to release brakes. How must this signal be performed:

Q.97 - If operating a train in the reverse movement by day or night hand signals, and the brakeman's signalling apparatus becomes out of sight to the engineer, what is the expected engineer's reaction:

Q.98 - In a double ended locomotive, the forward or front end, for brakeman's purpose is:

Q.99 - A blue flag or light on a piece of equipment or cut of cars means:

Q.100 - Getting off a piece of moving equipment should require what action first:

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