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Further west of Bathurst at mileage 1.8 immediately east of Cabin 'E', there existed an old railway diamond. This diamond allowed access for the CPR to CP Parkdale and 'The Fez' (CP's Lakeshore sub) by diagonally cutting across the CNR Oakville subdivision. At this diamond, it was one of the last mechanically signalled interlocking diamonds in North America, up until mid-October 1984. The removal of this diamond would be the first step in upgrading the Cabin 'E' interlocking and signals and approach to the Bathurst Street 'flyunder.'

The diamond spanned five main line tracks and several siding tracks. Historically, it went back more than 100 years to the era of the Grand Trunk Railway. More than 50 CNR employees worked on the project for over a week.

Effective at 0900 on Tuesday, 23 October 1984, the railway crossing at grade, mileage 1.7 of the Oakville subdivision was removed from service. The dwarf signals governing east and westward movements on the "western lead", and the "hole track" signals (track 0430), were removed from service. Cabin 'E' however retained operating control on all movements within the interlocking limits of mileage 1.6 and 1.9 of the Oakville sub. Rules 663 and 264 were also made effective.

Cabin 'E' was removed from service on 18 March 1985 (it was pulled down shortly after). Rule 105 then went into effect between mileages 1.3 and 1.9 of the Oakville sub. At the same time, block indicators for the "high line" were removed from service and signals controlled by the "YO" dispatcher at MacMillan Yard.

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Cabin 'E' Diamond

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Cabin 'E' Interlocking