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Toronto Star Report - March 1985

It was stated in this article that ... "some of the longer commuter trains with up to 10 coaches have been unable to make it up the underpath's steep grade..." and that the $28 million "fly-under" was a " write-off...."

GO replied effecively stating delays were no longer than 10 minutes and as short as five minutes; that the signalling and track re-alignments had to still be completed and once finished track restrictive speeds of 15 mph would be upgraded to 30 to 35 mphs.

By the summer, this had taken effect, and there have not been any serious delays in over 15 years.

Discoveries - GO Transit Reports

While digging under Bathurst Street for the run into the "flyunder," a couple of interesting discoveries were made by the construction crews.

  1. "A concrete slab over 100 feet long was found near the bridge, apparently used to slide girders into position when the [Bathurst Street bridge] was erected.
  2. Near the tunnel another concrete foundation was found
  3. A number of timbers 20 * 20 inches were buried and it was indictive of all that remained of an original roundhouse."

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