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Wells Priory Road (Error)
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Wells (Priory Road)

There is a published photograph of this station which shows a train of Somerset & Dorset Joint Railway coaches opposite the S&DJR Wells 'A' signal-box, with a tank engine at the Glastonbury end. The caption usually says that the train is leaving the station en route to Glastonbury, but that is incorrrect. The train is NOT on the main S&DJR line to Glastonbury, but standing on an adjacent loop line.

When S&DJR trains arrived at Wells (Priory Road) from Glastonbury, after discharging passengers the train had to be propelled back out of the station so that the engine could run round. This is probably what has happened in this photograph, with the train waiting in the loop with the engine at the Glastonbury end ready to propel back into the platform for the next departure.

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