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Railwayana Collectors' Network

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RCN provides an email contact list for the use of railwayana collectors.

Members can advertise items for sale, exchange or wanted, publicise events, warn and be warned about dubious railwayana items, request information, etc. Here are some typical messages submitted by RCN subscribers.

To send and receive RCN2 email, you must first subscribe.

RCN uses Yahoogroups. To sign up, delete the words enter email address from the box below, insert your email address then click on the Join Now button. You will receive an email with details of how to complete your subscription.

If you sign-up by simply replying to the confirmation email, your membership will allow you to send and receive RCN2 mail.

If you join via the button (or link) in the confirmation email, you will be able to register and use the group's facilities such group's archive, changing delivery mode, etc.

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After receiving the 'Welcome' message, you will be able to send and receive RCN mail.

If you receive too many emails, a digest version is available which combines a number of messages into one daily email. Please see the Welcome message that will be sent to you upon subscribing for details.

Membership on 1st January 2016: 502.

If you are interested in collecting signal box lever description plates, don't forget to visit the Brass Detectives section.

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