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Last update: 31.1.2010
Informations given without any warranty!

Mishap in Brig
Crossrail Re 436.113-5 "Marianne" (former EBT Re 4/4III 113) has been heavily damaged the 28.1.2009 at 2h40 by a frontal collision between a Crossrail container train from Domodossola and a piggyback train of BLS. The mishap happened between the station Brig and the Simplon tunnel. None of the both engine drivers were injured.
Pictures: (c) Claude-Alain Gyger
Press articles with pictures:

Re 4/4II 11141:

After revision, Re 4/4II 11141 is now in red livery, SBB logo instead of the swiss arms, and all side inscriptions as stickers instead of metal letters.

Re 4/4II 11320 / Cargo Shuttle:

After the insolvability of Rail Traction Company RTC (who loaned Re 4/4II 11320 to pull the Cargo Shuttle / InterRegio Cargo train), Re 4/4II 11320 runs again for Cargo, who rented it to the passenger division SBB P. It pulls actually passenger trains on the SBB network. The orange livery will remain for a time (as it was a complete repainting, and no sticker foils)
The Cargo Shuttle
train is still pulled by a Re 420.5 of BLS.

Crash in Chavornay:
Re 4/4II 11249 and 11170 got a side collision when shunting a train in Chavornay the 27.10.2009. 11170 tilted on the side. Both were tranferred to Bellinzona for repair.
Press articles with pictures: and 
(SER, div. Press)

Cargo Shuttle:
The Cargo Shuttle train is no longer pulled by Re 4/4II 11320, but by a Re 420.5 of BLS (SER)

Announced scrapping of Re 4/4II 11141:
Re 4/4II 11141 (one of the two last "Swiss-Express"!), who should have been scrapped (See the news of  12.11.2007) has been finally taken back in service
. (SER)

17.5.2009 (corrected 8.8.2009)
New livery for Re 4/4II 11320:

Re 4/4II 11320 got a new orange "InterRegio Gargo / Rail Logistics" livery, and will work with the push-pull "Cargo Shuttle" (ex "Cargosprinter") container shuttle for container transports between the post dispatching centers of Frauenfeld and Daillens

Retiring of 2 Re 4/4IIs:

Re 4/4II 11109
Zürich HB 25.6.2006
Re 4/4II 11112
Zürich HB 10.11.2005
The both Re 4/4II 11109 and 11112 are foreseen to be retired after the soccer cup Euro 2008. Until that they are used on a reduced service with push-pull trains between Zürich and Aarau monday to friday.

Modification of Re 4/4II 11120 for shunting
Re 4/4II 11120
Erstfeld 8.9.2007
End of october 2007, Re 4/4II 11120 has been fitted with a speed sensor for low speeds, and is used for shunting of passsenger trains in Basel SBB since the timetable change of the 9 december 2007 (togrther Re 4/4II 11101)

Correction (about the mishap of Bienne):
Not the Re 4/4 184 will be retired, but the Re 4/4 187 "Mund"

Confirmation of the bad new:
Re 4/4II 11141 has been officially taken out of service the 1st of octobre 2007.

Mishap of Bienne
BLS decided to let repair 3 of the 4 Re 4/4 damaged at the collision of Bienne the 4th of Augutt: Only 184 will be scrapped.

Planned scrapping of Re 4/4II 11141
Re 4/4II 11141 (one of the last "Swiss-Express"!) is stored before scrapping in Lausanne. The wheels are totally weared, and the last revision happened 6 years ago. That will be the first Re 4/4II to be taken out of service without a mishap, and 11108 and 11109 will stay as the last locomotives in service with the "Swiss-Express" livery.
Perhaps my very last picture of 11141: Bellinzona, 18.6.2006 :-(

Re 4/4II 11120
Re 4/4II 11120 will be alterated to take over the shunting of the passenger trains in Basel SBB. This service was formerly done by Ae 4/7s, then Re 4/4Is, actually by the RBe 4/4 1401-1406. Start of service planned for december 2007

Mishap in Bienne
The 4th of August at 19h30 , the Re 4/4 170, 175, 184 and 187 of the BLS have been seriously damaged in the collision of 2 goods trains in Bienne-Mett. No persons have been injured. As the frames of the engines got deformations, all 4 will probably been scraped.

Re 4/4II 11228 "Kuoni"
Re 4/4II 11228 "Kuoni" is now being refurbished at the main workshops of Yverdon, and should there get the red livery. So, there are now no more Re 4/4IIs with special or advertising liveries at the SBB.

Re 4/4II 11238 "Porrentruy"
Re 4/4II 11228 "Porrentruy" is now fitted with air conditioning: Because of that, the arms have been moved and are now located between the 2nd and the 3rd window of the machine room.

Biasca 8.9.2007

Erstfeld 8.9.2007

Transfert of Re 4/4II between divisions:
Transfert from CFF P to CFF Cargo:


Report over the fire of BLS Re 4/4 186, Hauenstein tunnel, 08.09.2005:
Report (in german)  :

Transfert of Re 4/4II between divisions:
All these transferts happened the 30.11.2005. The 6 Re 4/4II transferred from CFF P to CFF Cargo have been sold to BLS (Re 420.507-512), see Re 420 BLS
Transfert from CFF Cargo to CFF P: Transfert from CFF P to CFF Cargo:


6 new  Re 4/4IIs sold to BLS

The Re 4/4II 11102-11107 have been sold to BLS, new numbers are Re 420.507-6 (ex 11107) and Re 420.508 to 512 (ex 11102 to 11106)

Re 4/4II 11323 retired
Re 4/4II 11323 has been officially retired (after the fire in Arth-Goldau 24.3.2005)

Re 4/4II 11323 destroyed by fire
Re 4/4II 11323 has caught fire yesterday evening in Arth-Goldau and totally destroyed. It ran doubleheaded with Re 6/6 11603 at the head of a goods train transporting wood. Nobody has been injured.
Press article with photo :
(in german)

Re 4/4II 11181 "Zugkraft Aargau"
Re 4/4II 11181 ("Zugkraft Aargau", ex "Bouret") carries the red livery again after refurbishing in the main workshops of Yverdon.
Zürich HB, 19.03.2005

Re 4/4II 11199-11200:
Re 4/4II 11199 and 11200, fitted for services in Austria and Germany (1 special wider pantograph for DB / ÖBB) have been brung back to the normal type. The EC-trains Zürich - Bregenz - Lindau will be pulled by Re 4/4II 11195-11198 and the Re 421s of the division SBB Cargo.

Mishap in Villnachern
Re 4/4II 11268 has been seriousely damaged by the collision with a service wagon at Villnachern (Bözberg line Basel-Brugg, near of Brugg). One track worker has been killed, the engine driver has been only light injured.
Press article with photo: (in german)


Re 4/4II 11172

Re 4/4II 11172 (former Re 4/4II21 MThB) leaved the main workshops of Bellinzona the 10.12.2004 after general revision. It carries now the red livery, but without any chrome letters and numbers: even the swiss arms are stickers (!)

Transfert of Re 4/4II between divisions:
All these transferts happened the 26.10.2004
Transfert from SBB Cargo to SBB P: Transfert from SBB P to SBB Cargo:

Transfert of the Re 4/4IIs to BLS:
The 6 Re 4/4IIs sold to BLS have been officially transferred to BLS. With exception of the former Re 4/4II 11110 (Re 420.11110, new "NiNa" BLS livery), they all still wear the green SBB livery.

Immatriculation: actually Re 420.501-506:
11110    Re 420.501-9
11117    Re 420.502-7
11119    Re 420.503-5
11123    Re 420.504-3
11137    Re 420.505-0
11142    Re 420.506-8

Services: At least until the timetable change 12.12.2004, line S1 of the Bern S-Bahn.

Immatriculation of the Re 4/4II of the BLS:
The swiss federal office of transports would have decided to give the Re 4/4II sold to BLS the serial numbers Re 420.501-506 instead of Re 245.021-026 as initially foreseen.

Comment by the Webmaster:
By BLS engines, the 3rd position of the immatriculation number should be a 5. The serial should then logically be Re 425.*** , "Re 420" is normally an SBB engine.
(Information given with reserve)

First service of the Re 421s in Germany:
The Re 421.383-1 and Re 421.380-7 pulled their first train in Germany: Sand train between Köln (= Cologne) and Weinheim (Bergstrasse)

Transfer of 6 Re 4/4IIs to the BLS:

Re 4/4II 11110 has been repeinted in BLS livrery and (provisory) renumbered as Re 420.11110. It is in normal service by the SBB.
No other Re 4/4II is currently being repainted.
New immatriculation sheme foreseen after transfer to BLS (12.12.2004) : Re 425.021-026
Foreseen services: RegioExpress trains (Push-pull EWIII trainsets) Bern-Neuchâtel and maybe Bern-Langnau-Luzern (Re 465s may be used for this service)
(BLS Press office)

Transfer of 6 Re 4/4IIs to the BLS:
The Re 4/4II 11110 is being repainted in BLS livery, 1st appearance foreseen for end of June. The Re 4/4II sold to BLS will keep their SBB matriculation and numerotation (even after being repainted in BLS livery) until the timetable change in December.

Transfer of 6 Re 4/4IIs to the BLS:
The Re 4/4II 11110 has been transferred to the BLS for repainting..

Transfer of 6 Re 4/4IIs to the BLS:
List of the Re 4/4II who will be sold to the BLS :
11110, 11117, 11119, 11123, 11137 and 11142 (all still in green livery)
These locomotives should be transferred to the BLS in December, but BLS wish to get them earlier to repaint them in the new BLS livery.


Merger BLS – RM:

The 2 companies BLS (Bern-Lötschberg-Simplon) and RM (Regionalverkehr Mittelland, formerly EBT + SMB + VHB) will certainly merger together. The official decision will be taken at the shareholder assembly half of 2005.
The Re 436.111-115 of the RM will be concerned by this merger. They could be incorporated to the BLS Cargo (as Re 435.111-115 ?).

Mishap in Oerlikon :

Re 4/4II 11391 has been damaged by a side collision between the postal train 91637 Däniken – Mülligen – Frauenfeld and the S-Bahn (Rapid transit network) S12 at the station of Zürich-Oerlikon, the 29.01.2004 at 22.30. There has been only one light injured person in the S12. Cause (probable) : Braking problem on some wagons of the postal train.


Transfer of Re 4/4IIs to the BLS:
The BLS will buy unified coaches type 3 (former « Swiss-Express ») from SBB for the push-pull trains Bern – Neuchâtel – La Chaux-de-Fonds. Much of them already got the new BLS livery light green / blue / grey.
To pull these trains, BLS will also buy any Re 4/4II of the 1st batch (11101-11155) from SBB. As BLS will complete refurbish these locomotives, mostly locomotive having got their revision R3 long time ago will be sold : particularly those still in green livery, and perhaps also Swiss-Express engines

(Divers, SER,


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