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photo of Atlantic Basin in Brooklyn, 1903
The Atlantic Basin in Brooklyn, 1903, showing many of the types. At left next to the ship is a covered lighter. Further along is a stick lighter with semi-curved lines including a pointed bow, then another covered lighter, to the right of which is a self-propelled open steam lighter. In right foreground is a hold barge tied to the pier; to its left is a typical stick lighter. Beyond are two more stick lighters; to their left is a covered barge with a mast and boom. In the distance are two floating grain elevators. From the glass plate negative in South Street Seaport Collection.

  • First Rail-Marine Symposium--Hunt Valley Marriott, October 1995.
    (In Conjunction with Mid-Eastern Region NMRA Convention)
  • Anthracite Railroad Historical Society Convention--Newark NJ, July 1997.
    (Provided speakers and Rail-Marine topics - videotapes of programs are available from ARHS.)
  • Second Rail-Marine Symposium--Hartford Marriott, July 8-9, 2009 as part of the 2009 National Model Railroad Association Convention. Featured 11 clinics and a panel discussion by RMIG members, plus a fantastic display of rail-marine models.
  • Chapters--Port of New York (PONY)--Contact T. Flagg. Address: 70 West 95th St, #23H, New York, NY 10025
  • Baltimore Harbor--Contact John Teichmoeller. Address:12107 Mt. Albert Rd. Ellicott City, MD 21042

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