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What the heck is S-Trains? What the Heck is S-Trains? And Who is Paul Yorke?
What is ‘S-Trains’? S-Trains is an Internet based tool designed to assist people interested in ‘S’ (1/64th railroading) to get the information they need to enjoy their hobby.  S-Trains includes informational web pages, hundreds of links to S related sites, an interest survey, ‘S’ oriented Internet searches and the S-Trains Mailing list
Why is there an S-Trains? About seven years ago, when I first got back into ‘S’, after a 35 year break, I noticed that there was no site out there that offer the type of information that I needed.  I slowly started adding information to my site that was not available anywhere else on the web.
What is an ‘Informational web page’?  Diagrams, photographs, sketches, and repair tips are the type of information that the web is good at providing.  Many of my Internet friends have been working with model trains for over 40 years.  They have been kind enough to allow me to translate their knowledge and experience to web page content.  Maybe you have something you would like to share?
What does it cost? There is no cost associated with using any of the S-Trains materials.  The only way to spend money on S-Trains is to buy a book at the on-line bookstore.
Who pays for S-Trains? Because S-Trains is not a business, the ‘’ site is supplied no charge.  I do all the S-Trains site programming and web design.
Who is Paul Yorke? I am a 50 something guy that lives in Florida.  I am not a dealer.  For a living I design web pages, build databases, help users and lots of less glamorous stuff that I won't mention, for state government agency.  I especially enjoy helping people.  S-Trains has given me an opportunity to help people and work with computers.
What is the S-Trains Mailing List? The mailing list is a Majordomo type E-mail list that sends out your question or comment to all 300+ members/subscribers.  Any subscriber can then reply ‘to you’ or  ‘to the list’ with their response to your question or comment.  I always encourage folks to reply to the person rather than the list.  With 700+ subscribers, the list could get very busy if everybody replayed to every note.  I encourage the originator of the question or comment create a summary of the replies that they received and submit that to the list.  Or sometimes we gather that material and add that to our FAQ page or create a new page.
What is ‘Digest vs Normal’ mean?   The list goes out in one of two forms.  The ‘Digest’ takes all the notes from a 24 hour period and combines them into a single ‘composite’ note.  This works out real well for folks that would prefer not to get 15-30 individual notes each day in their mailbox.  The individual notes version is called ‘Normal’ mode.
What is the ‘Archive Option’?  Some members prefer to join the list and select ‘NoMail’.  When they have some time they visit the site and read the S-Trains archives.  They can enjoy the list without ever getting any of the mailbox clutter.
Is S-Trains mailing List for everyone?  No, not if you only run your trains at Christmas and are not interested in any of  the other aspects of the hobby.  Or if you have a narrow or passing interest, then you will quickly grow tired of all this model train e-mail chatter.  To those folks I say ‘Bookmark’ the site and visit us when you feel like a ‘train fix’.  If you think you want to try out the list, let me remind you that there are many forms of  'S' and try to be tolerant of others that may be more interested in aspects of the hobby that you are not.
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