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GP16 Rebuilt Summary

GP16 Rebuilt Summary


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Compiled 1988 (revised 3/21/13 )



Total number of GP16’s built = 161

SCL Uceta GP16’s = 155
ICG Paducah rebuilds = 6


Total number of GP7’s rebuilt: 128

107 SCL (ACL 75, SAL 32) 10 of the ACL GP7’s were originally C&WC. 1 SAL GP7 sold to A&WP and became the only A&WP GP7 to be rebuilt into a GP16
14 CRR (1 was former L&N and originally NC&StL)
6 L&N (3 were originally C&EI)
1 WA


Total number of GP9’s rebuilt: 31

29 SCL (28 SAL, 1 ACL) ACL unit was former WSS

1 L&N was former MP originally C&EI

1 GA


Total number of GP18’s Rebuilt 2

2 SCL Former SAL


General Information

SCL rebuilt 155 GP16’s utilizing 3 shops from 1979 to 1982.

Uceta Shops (Tampa Fla.)

The GP7’s, 9’s and 18’s were disassembled and inspected here. Uceta also handled the conversion from high nose to chopped nose and rewired the body. As reconditioned parts arrived from West Jax and Waycross shops they were reassembled at Uceta. The GP16’s received primer here, but were painted in Waycross. The new GP16’s could be seen on shakedown runs north out of Tampa on their way to Waycross to receive a fresh coat of Family Lines Imron Gray paint. On an average it took about 2 months for SCL to complete one conversion, however they out shopped an average of 1 GP16 a week. Photo of SCL 860 being converted in Tampa.


West Jax Shops (Jacksonville Fla.)

Traction motors were remanufactured here and then sent to Waycross to be mounted on the rebuilt trucks. The trucks were then sent to Uceta.


Waycross Shops (Waycross Ga.)

The engines and trucks were rebuilt here while the generators were reworked.  The parts were then shipped back to Uceta and installed on the rebuilt units. Waycross also applied the final paint job after they were primed at Uceta


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Diesel Era July/August 1994 Volume 5 number 4, page 28
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Key to reporting marks
ACL = Atlantic Coast Line Railroad
A&WP = Atlanta & West Point Railroad
C&EI = Chicago and Eastern Illinois
CRR = Clinchfield Railroad
C&WC = Charleston and Western Carolina Railway
GA = Georgia Railroad
ICG = Illinois Central Gulf Railroad
L&N = Louisville & Nashville Railroad
MP = Missouri Pacific Railroad
NC& StL = Nashville Chattanooga & St Louis Railway
SAL = Seaboard Air Line Railroad
SCL = Seaboard Coast Line Railroad
WSS = Winton-Salem Southbound Railway
WA = Western Railway of Alabama