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16 April, 2008  

the unofficial Missouri Pacific and Predecessor Roads Preservation page.

Dedicated to making people aware of the preservation of historic items and equipment of the Missouri Pacific Railroad.

If you have any MoPac/T&P/C&EI related restoration information that you'd like to post, please send us an E-mail with your report.

For More Detailed Information

Preserved MoPac Locomotive list, including Restoration Projects is located Here.

Or try MPHS's Preservation page.
Elvin Klepzig's Preserved MoPac Caboose List is found Here.

Still In Service

The latest listing on remaining ex-Missouri Pacific Locomotives is located Here.
MoPac Cabooses in Service are found Here.

Reports, Updates, and News are Here.


UPRR Seeking Offers for Cabooses - purchase a MoPac Caboose and Preserve our past

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Preserved Cabooses

We are very fortunate that the Missouri Pacific and later Union Pacific have generously donated many MoPac cabooses for public display. Most are preserved in MoPac territory, but there's examples of these cabooses have donated as far east as New York, west in California, north in Oregon and south in Florida. Rarities include wood sheathed cabooses, ex-KO&G Magor-types, one C&EI/EJ&E (only 3 were even owned by C&EI), and one Missouri-Illinois cab.

Sadly, many of these cabooses become victims of neglect, fall to disrepair, and become targets of vandals - ultimately losing any historic value.

City and towns should be made aware of the heritage they possess in their communities, and those interested in preservation should make some attempt to notify officials that these artifacts need to be protected.

Please preserve our railroad heritage for the next generation to come. How can we expect our children to respect what we love if we don't display it ourselves?

(parts of this are condensed from Jerry Michels' book, Cabooses of the Missouri Pacific Lines)


Once it's gone, it's gone forever.

It is in our own best interest as fans of the Missouri Pacific Railroad to help keep MoPac equipment looking like MoPac equipment. By doing this we preserve the Missouri Pacific's image for the next generation to come and supply the public with an accurate image of the railroad. We have seen equipment being repainted, number, decaled in whatever is available to restorers. We should always very glad to hear of efforts to restore these old waycars, and we are fortunate to have a few who volunteer their time and energy to locate, record, document, and assist in these efforts.

The depot in Kyle, Texas, which for years had been preserved on private property away from the railroad, was donated to the city of Kyle along with SW caboose 854. The building was moved today several hundred yards from the spot where it has been parked since September, to trackside near its original location. You can see photos at (R. Higginbotham)


The Talmage, Nebraska Mopac caboose is no more! The T&P-built steel caboose has been moved to Nebraska City beside the old CB&Q depot, minus trucks and painted BN GREEN <grrrr!> (thanks to Elvin Klepzig for details) This leaves the Union car as the sole survivor still in original MoPac paint. In 2001 the third Nebraska caboose located near Papillion/Omaha car was repainted overall red due to its deteriorating condition.

Recently confirmed, there is a MoPac SBW cab body on the ground at an Anderson Construction scrapyard/storage lot in Council Bluffs Iowa.


Ex-MP motorcars being restored by private owner - Jeff Ford of Amarillo, TX
is currently in the middle of restoring an ex-MOP Fairmont S-2. The car (MPC 5214) came from a private owner in Tyler, TX.

Photos of this and two other MOP cars online at: (This is a temporary page that will be replaced in the near future)

Anyone who has photos of these cars in service should pass along their scans to Jeff to help him with the project. Contact ScreamingEagle if you can help.

Some interesting Links:

Rail Merchants MoPac Cabs for sale

MoPac #13352 caboose wearing Dr. Pepper colors owned by Dave Lee at the Indiana & Ohio Logan yard on July 27, 1996.


MOPAC RS3 Restoration Project - Here is an update from Steve Linhardt:

I thought I would give you an update on the restoration project before I ask for a little help.

While progress has been slow, the RS-3 project is still moving along.  Except for a few minor areas all of the paint on the cab and hoods has been removed.  Unfortunately the stripper does not work well below 50 degrees, as a result completion of this work will   have to wait until this spring when it warms up.

The RS-3 is the next unit scheduled for shop time and space.  During this winter we are planning on completing the body work on the unit. The replacement steel has been purchased and is on site.

Looking at some shots of different classes of units it appears that on some units everything below the walkways was black; other units have the frames and steps painted blue with the fuel tank and trucks being black.  None of the shots have been able to find clearly show which of these paint schemes the RS-3s originally wore.   All of the color shots I have were taken after several years of use and while it looks like the frame and steps where painted blue, I am not 100% positive of this.  If you or one of your members could confirm this it would be most appreciated.

If you would like to help, you can contact Steve Here.


I received a call from one Russell Bath who heads the restoration efforts on the Beecher IL C&EI depot and MP 13649 caboose.  They are getting ready for the caboose restoration.  

The depot is some 90% finished externally but they haven't started on the interior.  They have only one photo of the interior and were wondering if anyone might have or know of a source for any. Diagrams or drawings would be of help along with C&EI paint colors and that sort of thing. If anyone has anything they might be able to use, feel free to email Russell direct at rgbvcb.bath@worldnet.att Thanks for any help you give.  (Elvin Klepzig)

Seen headed eastbound to Houston was an HATX GP38-2 (ex-MP, no number) still in MP blue. Looked very ratty and neglected, but the old MP screaming eagle was bleeding through old faded HATX lettering. (Jay

I was able to finally confirm the existence of an old MP depot in Nebraska City located at "John Brown's Cave," 20th St. & 4th Corso. The depot was built in 1905 in the town of Berlin, later Otoe. It was donated to the museum and moved here. The refurbished MoPac Depot now called the "Otoe RR Station" serves as a gift shop.

MP #13577, a wide vision caboose, begins the first leg of it's journey from Poplar Bluff, MO, to a new private owner in Maryland. PB-natives/MPHS members Elvin Klepzig and Craig Meador assist in the cabs initial move and in its hopeful future restoration. The caboose is to travel on it's own wheels over the Union Pacific line (formerly MoPac).

I got word from Jay Glenewinkel (we'll consider it a rumor for now) that an individual in Texas has bought an SD40-2 from the UP and has plans to paint the unit in full MoPac dress. I'll try to get some more info on this and if the 40-2 is indeed of MoPac heritage... Right now it all sounds too good to be true. There are no units preserved in the Jenks scheme (though one or two in the tattered remnants of blue paint have been reported under the current ownership of some smaller railroads). Only two other display diesels exist, a GP7 and an RS 3 (in progress), both in Eagle colors.

In the meantime keep your fingers crossed. Thanks for the heads up on this interesting bit of news, Jay!

Dubious Deed of the Day
The Missouri Pacific Short Bay Window caboose #13077 (blt 12/81) at the Kinder, Louisiana City Hall, Hwy 165 & 190, has been repainted in Union Pacific livery, with the same number. (Elvin Klepzig and Roger Kirkpatrick)

The MoPac-built cab never wore any such U.P. scheme. Makes one wonder why the City went to so much trouble to present an innaccurate image of its own history. Maybe they just like yellow better than red on a caboose? Congratulations to the Kinder City Hall for this deliberate revision of a once authentic historic item.

  Newport Depot Restored

Newport Depot / Lawrence R. Scholl Photo

During a recent trip to Newport, Arkansas I was on Front Street and noticed that the Missouri Pacific Lines depot had been restored.  I've been informed that the UP sold the depot to a local group who is working to revive Front Street. 

The Depot's exterior looks like it may have looked when it was originally build.  The only thing I saw that doesn't ring true is the roofing material.  The original roof was clay tile material.  However, they did trim the ridge lines with what looks like the clay tiles for that authentic look...clay roofing tiles are very costly. 

The overall appearance of the depot really looks great.  The attached picture is of the depot taken before the restoration around the early or mid 1980s.  (Lawrence R. Scholl, MSgt. USAF [Ret])


Preserved Merchandise w/Bay Caboose confirmed
"Grant Kern sent photos showing that the caboose in Waterford, California is indeed a Merchandise with a bay." This would make this cab the only one of this type still in existence that we know of.  (Elvin - )

Elvin Klepzig, of the MPHS's committee for collecting and distributing MoPac Materials for Restorations, now has a new email address. You may now contact Elvin by going to his contact info page. Elvin plans to put up some info on the committee's work on this page as well. In the meantime he has been very busy tracking down possible preserved caboose locations and recording this info on the caboose list. Anyone who owns a MoPac caboose (or any other rolling stock for that matter) is encouraged to contact him.

The town of Bismarck, Missouri is making an effort to buy their old MoPac station before it is to be demolished. Hopes are to restore the building for use as a meeting room/library/railroad museum.

Recommended website: Marshall, Texas Depot Restoration

Hopefully the Bismark city council will cooperate with the citizens in this effort and think more about the importance of preserving local history rather than the lost revenues of building another parking lot (as has in the past and continues to happen here in Lincoln, Nebraska). (thanks to J. Ogden for website recommendation)

The old I-GN depot in Rockdale, Texas is being renovated for use as a museum.  A 4 x 8 sign across the front doorway states "Future Home of the I-GN Depot Museum, Rockdale, TX". From the looks of the building, it has been gutted.  I believe the building had been used by a grain elevator or cotton gin for some time as it looks to be in rough shape.  The roof was being renovated and all windows were boarded up.  The old MP Rockdale sign still graces the building. (Edward Bridges)

You will not believe this, but I have found an official 162 page unit listing booklet with current disposition, including retirements of former MP units as late as 2 weeks ago, on every MP diesel unit ever. It is amazing that many former Missouri Pacific units are in service still today on the BNSF. Most of the B-Boat GEs that MP had are gone, and the C36-7 series is close behind. Only 9 SD50s remain in service, and when the unit fails, it is retired and taken off of the roster. Same with all the SD40-2s. The GP38-2 units are slowly starting to be fazed out as well, but not in the capacity of other units right now. It is in the works, that by the year 2005, that UP will have only 7 models types on the roster... MP15s, GP15s, GP38-2s, SD70Ms, SD90MACS, and the C44AC units. Some later built Dash 9 units may stay in service as well. (Jay Glenewinkel)

Seen this posted at

SD40T-2 PRESERVATION NEWS - Dave Abeles, Preservation Liaison from the RGM&HS, posted the following news this morning concerning the effort to preserve a tunnel motor:

"Just about an hour ago, I forwarded a letter to Union Pacific along with a letter from the Pueblo Railway Museum formally requesting information on the proceedures necessary to secure the donation of a T-2 from UP to the Pueblo Railway Museum. Included was a letter from the museum that stated their commitment and availability of space. Now comes the waiting, and hoping...keep your fingers crossed. :) UP considers each such request separately, but donations are the exception rather than the rule. Time will tell. Here's to the 'Grande!

I'd suggest that this is a very good thing for the Society to be involved in. If you've been waiting to join, this just might be a good reason - and be sure to mention to them that this prompted you to join! Publishing information is important, but right now I'm very glad to see them lending a hand to the preservation effort - while there's still something to preserve. - maverick

Amen to that!

  A Note for those Involved in Missouri Pacific Caboose Restoration

"I am looking for the history surrounding an old MoPac caboose which was donated to the City some 10 years or so ago. The condition is anything but pristine, and I am in hopes I can start a drive to recondition this piece of history for generations to come."

A well-preserved caboose, MP #13689 at Rich Hill, MO on November 11, 2001 / T. Greuter Photo

If you own or are involved in the restoration of a caboose believed to have a Missouri Pacific heritage, we encourage you to take a moment to consider the following.

If you are interested in the history and/or the restoration of these cabooses we suggest first and foremost that you invest in a copy of Jerry Michel's book "Cabooses of the Missouri Pacific Lines". This is an excellent book covering a wealth of information of the heritage and history of all MoPac-owned cabooses, as well as their painting and decaling information. The book can be ordered direct from the Missouri Pacific Historical Society through the Online Store. It is an investment, but be assured you'll appreciate the book immensley and find it an invaluable resource.

You may also want to look at other preserved cabooses at Elvin Klepzig's DBRR & Preserved Caboose List. Many, experts, historians and railfans have gotten involved in the compilation of this list, making it one of the most complete of it's type available on any railroad anywhere.

Finally we encourage you to perhaps contact Elvin Klepzig, who may offer some help to those seeking assistance of how to best restore this irreplacable equipment. Elvin himself is in the process of gathering information on various pieces of Missouri Pacific Railroad equipment/structures to assist restoration efforts with an information package. He's compiling/looking for: Line drawings, photographs, paint diagrams, paint numbers, contact information for paint companies, lettering diagrams, number stencils, decals, decal suppliers, a history of the type of equipment, and a list of reference material available. Anyone who may have any of these materials is asked to contribute to the effort and contact Elvin.

The final cost of such an information package will be charged only at cost to the restorer.

We wish you the best in your restoration efforts!

Recommended Websites:

Recommended Reading:

People you may Contact:

  • Elvin Klepzig - if you have locations numbers of MP cabooses not included on his List.

  Opportunities... and the Clock Ticks

From September 2001 to current date, UP has retired over 300 locomotives, and most of the Ex-MoPac SD40-2s and SD50s are gone with the exception of the rebuilt units to SD38s for yard duties. All of the ex-MP GEs are expected to be off the roster by May 2002. The legacy of the MOPac power on the UP will soon be a thing of the past. (Jay Glenewinkel)

A possible candidate for a restoration project would be the former MP 2001 which was one of only two GP28s owned by the company now seen on the KYLE railroad over the past few years. According to a Kyle employee the unit is still active but will probably be retired in the next few years. (Doug Brush)

MP Shorty Caboose/Converted to MOW Gang car #7509/13876 is now being shown as For Sale on the UPRR website.

  Calling All Volunteers!

MP 4502 / 975, ALCo RS-3 diesel engine Restoration Project Update
Project operated by the St. Louis Chapter NRHS, 2129 Barrett Station Road, PMB 271 St. Louis, Mo 63131-1638

This RS-3 was one of only two MP RS-3s never re-engined by MoPac. Restoration began in 2000 of this engine into it's original blue and gray scheme. Project coordinator Steve Linhardt tells me that much of' the 4502 work was put on hold during the year 2001 due to a very busy museum schedule and not enough staff to keep assigned on both museum business and the RS-3 project.

MP 4502
MP 4502, the St. Louis NRHS RS-3 project. - photo by George Rees/courtesy StL NRHS MOPAC RS3 Restoration Project

What You Can Do:
If anyone is interested in helping they are more than welcome to join. Please contact Steve Linhardt, he's listed in the St. Louis white pages and will be at the museum most weekends, or you can contact Steve via E-mail It is important that he knows who and when volunteers are going to show up, nothing is more frustrating to a volunteer than to show up and not have work available.

There may be a few other things that MPHS members could help with:

  • The project could really use a couple of good color prints of this or one of its sisters in the original blue and grey paint. A side shot and both ends would be helpfully.

  • The unit is missing both air horns, marker lights and builder plates. They need to locate two horns (long version of the Wabco E-2) and four marker lights.

"The main problem we face is getting volunteers. We hope you'll join us. It will be nice to see her in MOPAC colors again."

Related Links:

  Mission Accomplished

The EMD GP7 Diesel Engine restoration project Missouri Pacific #4124, operated by the Downs Historical Society, Downs KS is complete.

Restoration work on this GP-7 into Missouri Pacific liverly began in 1999 . Refinished into authentic Missouri Pacific blue & gray Eagles scheme, with the original lettering patterns. The original MP 4124 was most likely the number of the first diesel in Downs during the wheat harvest of 1950. This GP7 was originally ex-New York Central and Conrail #5712 from Kyle Railroad. It was never owned by MoPac.

Doug Brush reports that #4124 was moved to a permanent section of track immediately east of the one-story brick Downs Missouri Pacific Depot (which will begin major restoration in May, 2002).

Related Links:

Poplar Bluff, Missouri - © photo Craig Meador

The historic Poplar Bluff, Missouri Depot is now listed on the National Registry of Historic Places.

"I just got through talking with Dennis Graves down at the depot here in Poplar we were talking, the conductor of northbound Amtrak -22 hopped off the train and handed Dennis some travel pamplets for the newly remodeled waiting room that looks so great you would not know that just a few weeks ago it was in very bad condition.

"Mr Graves informed me that the vice president of Union Pacific was here this last week and it looks as if they will be handing over the deed to the depot to them. He also said that some grants are to be applied for in the amount of close to a million dollars that will be used to completely restore the building. Plans include the Greyhound bus to put in an office and waiting area and for the local taxi service to move in. He said that they were even talking about a restaurant to be coming as well. I noticed a plaque that was freshly installed outside the depot that said that the St Louis & Iron Mountain Railroad depot was now listed on the National Registry of historic places, so it looks as if the depot will stand for quite some time now as a tribute to Missouri Pacific." (report by Craig Meador)

  History Lost

Surviving steamers of the MoPac and its subsidiaries are very, very rare, and preservation efforts have been hampered by bad luck and finacial reasons. One Gulf Coast Lines 4-6-0 or 2-8-0 was to be set aside for preservation, but was wrecked while being moved to a secure site. MoPac's prolonged receivership was a major factor in the fact none of its "big steam" locos have survived for today.

Missouri Pacific 124?, a Steam Engine at Dupo, Illinois city park, is a prime example of the missed opportunities that plagued efforts to preserve MoPac's steam heritage. Today only the front-end of this locomotive exists in a city transformed by the railroad... simply because the city fathers did not want the donated steam engine.


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