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MoPac Structures - Screaming Eagles Over the Prairie
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Crossing along the MoPac's Crete branchline

Forgotten track near Sprague, Nebraska. 3/2/97

MoPac Right of Way -
Bridges & Trackwork

From the Missouri River valley of Omaha south to the High Plains of Texas, from the open expanses of Colorado to the crowded streets of St. Louis, it's the land were the prairie skyscrapers still stand - there's more out here than corn crops, cows, and dusty flatland. Farm country, grain elevators and branch lines lie scattered across the prairie grass that lies in Missouri Pacific country.

Trace the path of the rail line - all up and down the MoPac right of ways - in service, abandoned, preserved or forgotten.


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MP switch stand to OL&B yard, Lincoln, NE 3/7/97 Wheels stops on an abandoned siding, Lincoln, NE. 3/7/97 Relay box, Lincoln, NE, 3/7/97 Old grain elevator at Walton, Nebraska 4/5/97

In a pastoral scene east of Sprague, a trestle bridge spans over a ribbon of an irrigation creek. Part of the MoPac's Crete Branch, this area just east of Sprague is flat wooded farmland.
MoPac wood trestle bridge #4709 - between Sprague and Hickman, Nebraska. 3/2/97
The relic of a MoPac 3-story-tall wood trestle bridge, almost lost behind the leafless trees - west of Hickman. 3/2/97

The rails come up
- looking east from 33rd street, the remaining right-of-way of the old Mopac in Lincoln, Nebraska is finally abandoned after the Union Pacific ceases regular operations in Summer 2001. Only a short segment will be retained for the use of a local grain elevator switching service. - T. Greuter Photo ·


Emblem from trailer

Slogan from "Route of the Eagles" boxcar

Buzzsaw from "Route of the Eagles" boxcar

Buzzsaw from gondola

Buzzsaw from ACF covered hopper

Screaming eagle from 50' boxcar

Screaming eagle from covered hopper

Screaming eagle from boxcar

Screaming eagle from ballast hopper

Buzzsaw from Texas Pacific built caboose

Streamliner nose eagle (digitally flattened-out)

Screaming eagle from Desoto-built caboose

Screaming eagle from the long-hood of SD40-2 Locomotive


Cast iron sawbucks in Louisville, Nebraska still mark an old MoPac crossing. 4/28/01 - T. Greuter photo
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