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Our new layout will replace an existing club layout - which has been the centerpiece of our clubs' activities. We have learned many things from our present sectional layout, and we incorporated that knowledge in the design of our new one. The layout had to be small enough to be easily transported, but we wanted a display a bit larger than our present one. One solution to "double our money" was to build a two-level layout, which presented numerous challenges for a portable layout. To help us visualize our design - we built a scale mockup of our proposed new layout, and used that to fine-tune the details of the construction and track plan.

(These images are thumbnails, click on an image to see the full-size picture.)

New layout track plan. Text about the layout First mockup module. Trestle mockup.
New layout track plan
Layout Specs, 
Diagrams and Details.

 Mockup of layout
Trestle mockup
Bridges mockup. Even a train mockup! End module mockup. Building a layout model.
Bridges mockup
Even a train mockup!
End module mockup
Building a layout model
Hank works on Jeeps. Walt Brainstorming. Secret of construction. Laying the first turnout.
 Hank works on Jeeps
Walt brainstorming
Secret of construction
Laying the first turnou
Adding the ties. Tom shows a module. Section 14 Section 16
Adding the ties
Tom shows a module
The city section
A cut through the hills
Testing a Turnout. Gomez Adams? A section joint gets tested. .
B&M slides over a turnout
Deep in concentration
Testing a joint
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