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December 1949 Trains Magazine article
William H. Schmidt, Jr.'s "Smoky Mountain" article in the December 1949 Trains Magazine.

"Slow & Easy" Bibliography

Listed below are the known major publications containing information about the Smoky Mountain Railroad and its predecessor companies. By no means is this list all-inclusive, as there are dozens...perhaps even hundreds...of newspaper articles and photographs which we are slowly tracking down. We will update this bibliography wherever possible. For now, though, we hope this list will aid you in your quest for knowledge about Ol' Smoky!

BEEBE, Lucius. Mixed Train Daily, A Book Of Shortline Railroads. Howell-North Books, Berkeley. 1947 (1st edition), 1961 (4th edition). Pages ii, 2, 3, 5, 81, 243.

DOVER, Don. "GE 44-Tonner Study". Extra 2200 South Magazine, Volume 10, Numbers 10 and 11, Issues 51 and 52. March - June, 1975. Dover Printing Company, Cincinnati. 1975. Pages 16 - 25 (part I) and 14 - 26 (part II).

EBERHARDT, Dale Clayton. The Recreation Potential Of Abandoned Railroad Rights-Of-Way: Feasibility Of The Smoky Mountain Railroad As an Urban Regional Hike/Bike Trail (University of Tennessee Master's Thesis), Knoxville. 1970. Pages 58 - 62.

GRAHAM, Lamar. "The Reborn American City". Parade Magazine (Sunday newspaper insert). April 25, 1999. Parade Publications, Incorporated, New York City. Cover picture of "Chattanooga Choo-Choo" is actually ex-Smoky Mountain Railroad Mogul #206.

KALMBACH, A. C. (publisher). "Prototype Ideas By The Staff of TRAINS Magazine". Model Railroader Magazine. October, 1948. Kalmbach Publishing Company, Milwaukee. Page 706.

KEY, Lyle. "Little River's Little Pacific". TRAINS Magazine. April, 1983. Kalmbach Publishing Company, Milwaukee. Pages 34 - 41.

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NEWTON, Louis M.. Rails Remembered Volume 2. Self-published, Roanoake, 1996. Pages 308, 318, 426 - 435. Dust jacket features Smoky Mountain Railroad Mogul #206 on the Sevierville turntable.

ROGERS, William Robert. A History Of The Smoky Mountain Railroad (University of Tennessee Master's Thesis), Knoxville. 1969. 118 pages.

SCHMIDT, William H., Jr.. "Smoky Mountain". TRAINS Magazine. December, 1949. Kalmbach Publishing Company, Milwaukee. Pages 28 - 30.

SMOKY MOUNTAIN RAILROAD COLLECTION (Smoky Mountain Railroad company records). Located in Special Collections, James D. Hoskins Library, University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

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WEALS, Vic. Last Train To Elkmont. Olden Press, Knoxville. 1991 (1st edition). Pages 32, 35 - 36.

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