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The Southerner - 1970's Menu


1970's Menu


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1970's Menu

2002 Menu

Final Journey



Morning and afternoon tea

Chilled Fruit Juice 15 cents
Pot of tea with milk or lemon 20 cents
Pot of freshly prepared coffee (black or with cream) 20 cents
Griffins Sweet or Savoury Biscuits 8 cents
Selection of NZ Cheeses 10 cents
Fresh Cut Sandwiches, Assorted Fillings 5 cents
Asparagus Rolls 10 cents
Chicken and Lettuce Rolls 12 cents
Freshly baked cakes and hot savouries 7 cents
Farm Fresh Milk 6 cents
Aerated Waters 10 cents
Confectionery, Chocolate, Magazines and Morning Paper Varies

Luncheon of choice

Seafood - fillet of snapper, lemon wedges, saratonga chips 75 cents
Savoury dish - Beef curry served on a bed of fluffy long grained rice 95 cents
Omelettes 85 cents
Ham Steaks with Pineapple $1.25
Minute steaks with mushroom sauce or grilled tomato $1.25
Cold Platter - Ham or poultry served with lettuce, egg & tomato or beetroot, cucumber and gherkin, sliced rolls and butter 95 cents


Peach melba with topping 25 cents
Pears Helene 25 cents
Southerner "Speciale" 25 cents
Cheeses 30 cents

Liquor Service

Beers 30 - 50 cents
Spirits 40 - 60 cents
Sherry 15 cents
NZ Wines in quarter bottles 55 - 75 cents
Splits 10 cents