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The Southerner - 2002 Menu


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2002 Menu

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Light Breakfast $4
Bacon and Egg Roll $5.50
Bread and Pasty based Snacks Varies
The Original Frankfurter Sausage $4
Spinach and Cheese Flan $4
Baked Jacket Potatoes $4
Soup of the day $5
Lasagne $5.50
Sheperds Pie $5.50
Chicken, Coconut & Coriander Curry $5.50
Tasty Toasted Sandwiches $3.50
Cheese and Fruit Platter $5.50
Chunky Fresh Fruit Salad $4
Pancakes $4
Sweet Temptations $4
The Classic Devonshire Tea $5
Jumbo Muffins $2
Childrens Pack $4
Nibbles Varies

Please Note: This Menu is the Winter Menu. Summer Menu may differ from above