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This site is dedicated to railroads, railfanning, rail modeling, rail photography, and just about anything else related to the enjoyment and appreciation of rail operations.  Here you will find original pictures I have taken over the years, references or first hand knowledge gained through direct observation, as well as details and documentation gathered with the modeler in mind.
The information presented here is accurate to the best of my knowledge.  I do not consider myself an expert at railroad standards or terminology, but I do strive to be accurate.  Clarifications or corrections are always appreciated (provided I agree...)   ;- )

If you see something here you would like more details on, feel free to ask--if I have it I will pass it along.  I am always open to requests or suggestions and will consider them as time permits.
             Tom Fassett



All images on this site are the property of Tom Fassett unless otherwise noted
and should not be used without permission