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Welcome to
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You will find lots of
railroad photography from around
New England and beyond inside,
so sit back and enjoy the photos!

Thank you for visiting my website,

Ken Houghton

I am now offering color prints for sale again!
I use to have a photo list online where you could order prints from me but it seemed that I was always busy when someone wanted prints made, plus they couldn't see an image of what they were buying so now I am offering prints through an online photo service called FotoTime.

Almost all of the photo files that I have listed on FotoTime will make 4x6 prints only, with some exceptions. I had some of the photos printed by FotoTime and they did a nice job, both in glossy and matte.

 I plan on adding more railroads and prints as time permits. As of right now not all of the photo data is listed but again I am adding more info as time permits.

These photos should be great for modeling or just adding to your collection. Click on FotoTime or on the link below to check out the photos.


Ken Houghton
Houghton's RailPhotos

Railroad Images

 Boston & Maine

 Bangor & Aroostook


 Delaware & Hudson

 Green Mountain RR

 Maine Central

 Providence & Worcester


 Vermont Railway
Clarendon & Pittsford RR


 Niagara & Western New York, a tourist line operating between Lockport & Medina, NY

Boston & Maine Locomotives




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