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CN 2205
Model and photo by Leslie Ehrlich
CN H-16-44 2205

Also known as a 'Baby Train Master'. CN didn't have very many H-16s. I think there were eighteen in all. The 2200s were seen in Ontario and Quebec, but I highly doubt they ever made it out west. The last of these units was retired in 1967, but on my layout the 2205 was spared. I have a few other stray easterners in my collection too. I can't take a steady diet of GM power, which is about all I saw on the CN in the 1960s and 1970s. That's the nice thing about model railroading. You can run whatever you want wherever you want. Unlike the real CN, any non-GM power in my little fleet operates in Western Canada. The CN H-16 is fairly easy to model. A bell and horn are all I added. The bell was fabricated out of a spare Athearn SW-7 bell and a piece of styrene filed to shape. I also inserted some small pieces of plastic in the number boards to create a flush surface for rubbing on some very tiny numbers. I went through almost a dozen 2s before I finally got all the numbers to stick. The number boards could have been made a little bigger on this loco. I've seen a picture of an H-16 in the wet noodle scheme only once, and I had to rely on my memory as I was decorating this model. Even if I got it wrong I still think it's worth showing off.

Bachmann Spectrum

Detail Parts:
Athearn  41007 SW-7 bell (cut from frame and mounted with a home made bracket)
Miniatures by Eric  H1 CPR Diesel Air Horn
This loco still needs a radio antenna, but that will have to wait until I find one.

C-D-S Lettering HO-163 CN roadswitcher-original modern 'CN' logo (before stripe) pre-1973