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CN D300
Models and photo by Leslie Ehrlich
CN RDCs D-300, D-100

I really don't know why I have these things.   I was into collecting Athearn at the time, and I thought an RDC would round out the collection.  The trailing unit is a dummy, and I bought it on sale at one of the local hobby shops.  The lead unit I got from a friend, and when I looked at the innards I could see why he wanted to get rid of it.  The drive train was in pieces and needed a new set of rubber bands and a screw to hold one of the trucks in place.  I could have fixed the drivetrain, but when I saw the old Jet 400 motor I said no thanks.  The lead unit is now a dummy too, and both units have been demoted to static display.  If I do run them I stick them behind a yard switcher and let them do a few laps around the layout.  They look goofy going around eighteen inch radius curves.  I'm not sure if I decorated them properly because I've seen very few pictures of CN RDCs.  Oh well, I think they look good just the same.


Detail Parts (both units):
Miniatures by Eric  H34 VIA F40PH & CPR Budd Cars Horns

Decals (D300):
C-D-S Lettering   HO-72 CN steel caboose - modern 'CN' logo, c. 1965  (wet noodles only)

Decals (D100):
C-D-S Lettering   HO-437 Railiners - green/imitation gold ends, c. 1952