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CP 7053
Model and photo by Leslie Ehrlich
CP S-2 7053

CP 7053 was the very first ALCO switcher I saw.  It was still wearing the Tuscan Red and Grey Script scheme when I first saw it, but it wasn't long before it was painted Action Red.  I was so breathtaken by the flashy new paint job that I wished I could find a model of an ALCO S-2 in CP Rail.  That was back in 1974, and I had no such luck.  Twenty-five years later, the dream became reality when I painted this loco.   CP 7053 was built in 1947 and originally assigned to Calgary.  A few months later it was sent to Vancouver Island for testing during the proposed dieselization of CP's Esqimault and Nanaimo division.  Vancouver Island was later dieselized with Baldwin DRS-44-1000 road switchers and 7053 returned to its original assignment.  In 1955 a bunch of S-2s in Alberta were replaced by SW-900s, and 7053 eventually ended up in Saskatchewan.  At some point the unit was winterized and equipped for transfer and wayfreight service.  CP modifications include a front number board, three chime horn, winterization hatch, radiator shutter guards, and a bell behind the exhaust stack.  I made the bulky winter hatch out of a piece of Lego, a section of box car roofwalk, and a piece of sheet styrene.  If you can't buy certain detail parts, make 'em!  All you need is some small tools and a good imagination.   One other item of note: CP 7053 rode on AAR type A trucks as I remember it.  However, I chose not to change the sideframes because some blockhead will accuse me of modeling an S-4!

Atlas (Roco)

Detail Parts:
Miniatures by Eric  S14 S-2 kit (includes three chime horn, radio antenna, number board, and sand fill lids)
Miniatures by Eric  B15 ALCO Bell
M.V. Products  LS 17 Headlight Lenses for Athearn SW-7

C-D-S Lettering   HO-259 CP Rail roadswitcher - early narrow stripe scheme, c. 1968