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CP 7068
Models and photo by Leslie Ehrlich
CP DS-44-1000s 7068, 7065

Baldwin switchers have to be the most boxy and square-looking  locomotives I've ever seen.  I was collecting  Athearn locos during the early 1990s, and I bought two S-12s. One in Santa Fe and the other in New York Central.  As I looked at them I thought to myself  'What do I know about these two railways?'  D-uh... absolutely nothing.  I then decided to strip off all the paint and decorate them in CP colours.  I had no photos of these particular units, but I did some guesswork based on photos of other units and added the details.  Things like the dumbbell-shaped exhaust stacks, three chime horns, and dual front numberboards are all CP hallmarks.  I modified the cabs slightly by cutting two centre windows just above the hood and fabricating cab side window frames out of some plastic N scale fencing.   I ditched the walkway-mounted handrails and replaced them with carbody mounted railing.  When I showed this picture to some fellow model railroad club members, one of them asked 'Are you modeling Vancouver Island?'  I answered  'No.  These are my poor man's RS-23s'.  About the closest thing I've ever seen to a Baldwin switcher on the prairies is CP's MLW RS-23.  Units 8013-8018 were assigned to branch line service in Saskatchewan.  I've seen  brass HO scale models of RS-23s, but when I found out how much they cost I decided to transfer the Baldwins to light road service on the prairies.


Detail Parts (both units):
Miniatures by Eric   E1 CPR Baldwin Exhaust Stack
Miniatures by Eric   N2 CPR RS-2 Number Boards
Miniatures by Eric   A1 CNR, CPR Diesel Radio Antenna
Miniatures by Eric   H34 VIA F40PH & CPR Budd Cars Horn
Detail Associates  WS 3302 Window Set for Athearn Baldwin S-12
M.V. Products   LS-21 Headlight Lenses for Athearn S-12

Decals (7068):
C-D-S Lettering  HO-296 CP diesel switcher - script lettering, c.1965

Decals (7065):
C-D-S Lettering  HO-259 CP Rail roadswitcher - early narrow stripe scheme, c. 1968