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CP 8905
Model and photo by Leslie Ehrlich
CP H-24-66 8905

The Train Master.   I can't for the life of me figure out why Athearn didn't offer this model in CP!  CP had the second largest fleet of Train Masters, and all were retired in this paint scheme.  8905 is the only Train Master left in the world, and it sits on display at the Canadian Railway Museum in Delson, Quebec.   This model is rather large for my puny layout, but I had to put things right and paint a TM in CP.  I am quite pleased with the weathering, and the loco looks even better in real life than it does in this picture.  My secret to weathering?  First, do a lousy paint job.  It makes no sense to do a perfect paint job and then mess it up with weathering.  With this loco I hid the flaws in the paint with all the grime.  If some of the decals break when they go on, no problem.  On the real thing the striping and lettering looks broken after it's been out in the sun too long.   One minor deviation: I used Badger Model Flex CP Tuscan Red instead of trying to mix Testors paint.   The Badger paint brushes on real easy, but it's a little on the dark side.  In a way it's good it turned out dark because I've seen pictures of Train Masters so filthy the Tuscan Red is almost black.  Factory fresh or weathered, the TM beats SD-40s by a country mile.  Are there any model railroaders out there who like to run a trio of these on the head end of a nice long freight?  That would be a sight to see.


Detail Parts:
Miniatures by Eric  K3 CPR Train Master Kit (includes bell, horn, headlights, radio antenna, and brake wheel stand)
M.V. Products  LS 25  Headlight Lenses for Athearn GP-38

C-D-S  HO-284 CP diesel roadswitcher - block lettering c. 1950-1980