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CP 8549
Photo by Leslie Ehrlich, models by John Ewert and Leslie Ehrlich
CP H-16-44s 8549, 8550

These aren't my locos, but I did have a hand in decorating them.  My friend John Ewert wanted no less than four 'Baby Train Masters' painted in CP Rail Action Red, so I helped him out.  The Bachmann Spectrum H-16s are nice locos, but the most obvious flaw is the double screen openings for the radiator fans.  CP units had only one screen opening on either side. I could have filled the second openings in, but John wasn't too fussy about that. The only modifications I made were the stacks, which were cut from the inner tube of a BIC ball point pen.  I had to ream the exhaust stack openings slightly to get the tubes to fit, then I Krazy glued them in place.  I also added three chime horns to the cabs.  Not much work involved in modeling these units, although I do hate installing the coupler lift bars on the pilots.  The handrails aren't much fun either.

Bachmann Spectrum

Detail Parts:
Miniatures by Eric  H1 CPR Diesel Air Horn

C-D-S Lettering  HO-259 CP Rail roadswitcher - early narrow stripe scheme, c.1968