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Semi Automatic Signal Photos

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Semi Automatic Signal Photos

Fig. 1: Semi Automatic Starting Signal at Ealing Broadway

Starter at EB WP 55.jpg (84137 bytes)

The starting signal at platform 9, Ealing Broadway (District) shows a simple, two-aspect semi automatic signal with its identification plate (WP 55) indicating the area identity (WP for Ealing Broadway) and the lever or button number 55.

Below the signal is a rail gap indicator, which illuminates with three red lights if traction current is switched off from the section ahead.  There is also a shunt signal (WP 51) which allows moves into the sidings.  Photo by District Dave.

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Fig. 2: Starting Signal with "Operating furniture"

Starter EBdy WP 50.jpg (61665 bytes)

The starting signal at platform 8, Ealing Broadway (District) with rail gap indicator and a shunt signal (WP 50).  The "D" sign shows "Off", to advise drivers that de-icing equipment on trains should be switched off.

The white box with black diagonal stripes is a telephone with direct access to the control room at Earls Court.  Various safety messages and reminders for drivers add to the untidy clutter of furniture around the signal.  Photo by District Dave.

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Fig. 3: Junction Starting Signal at Rayners Lane

Rayners Lane starter.JPG (39968 bytes)

The junction starting signal at Rayners Lane, as seen from a Piccadilly Line train about to depart eastbound, is now showing green with three white "harbour lights" at a 45 angle above, indicating that the route to the right (towards South Harrow) is set and clear.  For Metropolitan Line trains proceeding towards West Harrow, only a plain green is shown.  The two white discs marked "30" and "25" indicate the speed limits for each route.

The pale blue structure in front of the signal (and almost obscuring it) is the case containing the CCTV screens showing views of the platforms for drivers.  Tubeprune looks forward to the day when these are all replaced by in-cab CCTV as provided on some other lines.

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Fig. 4: Shunt Signal with Theatre Type Route Indicator

Shunt theatre.jpg (15926 bytes)

This is a shunt signal of the standard London Underground disc type with a theatre type route indicator above.  When the signal clears, the route indicator shows the driver a number which corresponds to the route set, counting from left to right.  Thus, the indicator will show 3 if the third route from the right is set.

The arrow under the signal identification number shows the track which the signal applies to.  This is to avoid confusion where rows of parallel sidings each have their own shunt signal.  Photo by District Dave.


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