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Rail Travel in and Around California by Wizzle Wizzle on Rails

This section of Wizzle Tours is geared to helping you enjoy travel via the train, either virtually or with information so you can plan your own trip.  Some official rail websites provide only sparse information regarding their services and no official site will ever provide a personal view of trains for the would-be traveler.  The Internet to the rescue!  Steve Grande's comprehensive website offers just about everything you'll need to know to get rolling.  Make it your first whistle stop and you are sure to have as much fun on your train trip as I did.  The rail travelogues below provide lots of pictures both of the trains and the destinations, so sit back, relax and pretend you are on board with Wizzle.
Metropolitan Stations
Information about the station, pictures/reviews of the station and its surroundings plus links to area transportation.
Los Angeles Union Station and MTA Travel Plaza| Maps and Links| Virtual Tour- July 25, 1998|
San Diego Station| Maps and Links |Impressions - July 25, 1998|
Seattle King Street Station|Maps and Links| Impressions - February 28, 1999|
Amtrak Travel
Travelogues, information about smaller stations and many links to help plan a trip along the route served by each train
Surfliner| Routemap and Links|LA to SanDiego July 25, 1998|Fullerton Station August 16, 1998|LA to Santa Barbara 12 September 1999| Pictorial Impressions along the Coast 1998 - 1999|
Coast Starlight|Routemap and Links|LA to Dunsmuir November 06, 1998|LA to Seattle February 27, 1999|Seattle to Los Angeles December 1999|
Southwest Chief| Routemap and Links| Fullerton to Trinidad October 2, 1998|Fullerton to Santa Fe NM December,  1998|
Empire Builder|Routemap and Links| Chicago to Seattle December 1999|
San Joaquins|Routemap and Links| LA to Truckee September 26, 1998|
California Zephyr| Routemap and Links
Amtrack Ramblings
More than you ever wanted to know about Amtrack
Hints for Traveling|Bargains|My Favorite Stuff|Odds and Ends
Los Angeles Area Rail Travel
Travelogues, information about stops and pictures of area destinations
MTA Green Line| Routemap and Links|Hot Stops|
MTA Blue Line|Routemap and Links|Hot Stops|
MTA Red Line|Routemap and Links|Hot Stops
Metrolink|Routemaps and Links|Hot Stops|
Museums and Scenic Railroads
Travelogues, links  and general information (by state)
Arizona|Links and Maps for Rail Attractions| Grand Canyon RR 1998 Travelogue|Verde Canyon RR 1998 Pictures and Travelogue|
California| Links and Maps for Rail Attractions| R&LHS Collection  Pomona California|
Oregon|Links and Maps for Rail Attractions
Nevada|Links and Maps for Rail Attractions
New Mexico|Links and Maps for Rail Attractions
Washington|Links and Maps for Rail Attractions
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