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4483 Title

         #4483 was built in May of 1923 by the Baldwin Locomotive Works for the Pennsylvania Railroad, number 259 of a lot of 475, c/n 56534. This "Decapod" is the last one in existance of its class, "I-1s," of which 598 were built. In February, 1931, it was converted to an "I1sa" and assigned to the Eastern Region, Susquehanna Division and Northern Region. On 11-1-1944, #4483 was reassigned to the Eastern Region, Central PA Division and Williamsport Division when it was equiped with "Whistle and Acknowledger for the Cab Signal System."

The I1sa class was designed for freight service, and all came with piston valves, 62-inch drivers, and a boiler pressure of 250 p.s.i. as standard equipment. With a huge firebox (59.5 square feet), twin automatic stokers were installed to keep the large 30.5x32 cylinders full of steam. The stokers and power reverse gear were unusual luxuries that the Pennsy rarely applied to steam locomotives, and the twin air tanks on the pilot gave the class a distinctive and powerful look.

#4483 was no stranger to Western New York, having been assigned to the PRR Ebeenezer, New York yards in the early 50's, and was often seen hauling coal drags up the Elmria Branch to the coal unloading docks in Sodus Bay on Lake Ontario, New York. The locomotive was dropped from equipment records on August 7th, 1957 by PRR Chief of Motive Power, Hal T. Cover with instructions to "Hold as Relic." When the Pennsylvania dieselized, the I1sa's were retired and #4483, one of the last to operate, was preserved and stored with other PRR steam power at the Northumberland, Pennsylvania, roundhouse in 1959 as the last remaining example of the class.

In 1963 the Pennsy sold the engine to the Westinghouse Air Brake Company (WABCO) to display on the front lawn of their headquarters in Wilmerding, Pennsylvania, with the PRR business car "Ohio." WABCO executives had long wanted a railroad display, since their main product (air brake components) was railroad-related. Unfortunately, the equipment was neglected and it soon deteriorated. Sometime during the mid-60's, Westinghouse removed the asbestos boiler insulation but, other than sandblasting and paint, the locomotive received little attention during its stay in Wilmerding. In the fall of 1982, the WNYRHS aquired the engine, tender and the "Ohio," as WABCO no longer wanted them on their property. Today, the locomotive is on display and is currently undergoing cosmetic restoration at the Societies work site in Hamburg, New York with its short haul tender.


Cylinders 30-1/2" x 32"
Firebox 79-7/8" x 126"
Working Pressure 250 lbs
Total Weight of Engine 386,100 lbs
Weight on Drivers 352,500 lbs
Tractive Force 90,024 lbs
Weight of  Short Haul Tender, empty 81,450 lbs
Weight of Tender, full 204,700 lbs
Tender Capacity, water 9000 gals
Tender Capacity, coal 17 tons
Overall Length w/Short Haul Tender 81' 10-1/4"
Overall Height 15 ft
Max Speed 50 mph
Duplex Mechanical Stokers
Power Reverse

Build Numbers
123 built by PRR at their Juniata Shops.
475 built by Baldwin. (largest single order of any class loco)
109 were built class I-1s and later converted.
489 built class I-1sa.

4483 Tender April-2001 ©smph CLICK to Enlarge (23K)-(36K)
Tender is now repainted
"Dark Green Loco Enamel"
with"Dulux"Gold lettering
4483backhead ©smph5/00 (10K - 47K) CLICK to Enlarge
Backhead showing
Mechanical Stokers
Old Cab Sheet Metal (17K)          New Cab Sheet Metal (12K)
Engineer's side old metal 9/1996New Sheet Metal 7/2003                   

Old/New Firemans Window (12K)       Old/New Engineers Window (11K)

Both rear cab windows have been replaced using original wood frames as patterns. New window
frames were constructed with mortise and tenon joints and glazed with schedule 11 Lexan©.

  BLOW THE© smph50 Actual Whistle blown at 2004 Williamsville, NY. Horn and Whistle Blow (366K)WHISTLE
This is the original Single Note"Banshee Whistle" from #4483   
tbwhistle CLICK to Enlarge (12K)-(22K)
Updates for Summer of 2002

Pressure Washing Boiler (12K) Pressure Washing Boiler - Click to ENLARGE (12K)-(52K) New Plexiglas© Doors - Click to ENLARGE (12K)-(52K)
Grinding and Priming Boiler Click to ENLARGE (12K)-(60K) Grinding and Priming Boiler Click to ENLARGE (12K)-(60K) Working on the Markers - Click to ENLARGE (12K)-(52K)

All Photo's ©2002 - smph50 or Robert Snyder

Updates for Spring 2003
16 Gallons of Fresh Dark Locomotive Green Enamel and Cab Work

Telephoto View with NKP512 - Click to ENLARGE (11K)-(52K) Full Side View - Click to ENLARGE (11K)-(52K)

View from the Tender - Click to ENLARGE (12K)-(55K) Close up of Drivers - Click to ENLARGE (11K)-(55K) New Wood Wainscott in cab engineers side - Click to ENLARGE (11K)-(55K)

Updates for Fall 2004
Fireman's side wainscot complete. Bracing as per original construction
When rear walls are finished, new pressure treated floor-boards will be installed.
Interior bracing for wainscott on Fireman's side. ©smph10/04 - Click to ENLARGE (11K)-(60K)Fireman's side wainscott finished. ©smph10/04 - Click to ENLARGE (11K)-(60K)

Working Drawing - Click to ENLARGE (5K)-(74K)

Working Drawing - Click to ENLARGE

PRR #4483 Smokebox ©smph 2000 (24K)
A "Classic Profile"

#4483 is still undergoing cosmetic restoration at this time and has just recieved a complete paint job in May 2003. Plans for operational restoration are not in the immediate future due to the economic climate and the lack of railroads willing to take on the insurance risks. However, from professional mechanical inspections, the boiler has been found to be sound but will need retubing and flues. The running gear is in good shape with some spring equalizer work needed. Three years prior to retirement, #4483 had gone through a Class 3 overhaul by the Pennsylvania RR, and the Society is striving to keep the I1sa in better than good condition. As work is completed, watch for updates and new photo's

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