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PRR  #4485  Class 90F82 Tender

The Tender currently displayed with PRR I1sa 4483 is the one that was delivered withTender Plate - Click to Enlarge (8K)-(23K) the locomotive by the Pennsy to the Westinghouse Air Brake Company in Wilmerding PA. in 1963. The tender was built as class 90F82 and numbered 4485, so we are pretty sure that it was the tender that operated with engine #4483 when built by Baldwin. It held 9000 gallons of water and has a deck height of 82" above the railhead. When the locomotive and tender were delivered to WABCO, the automatic stoker was cut presumably to facilitate movement to the panel track it was displayed on for over 20 years. The interior was also gutted to store telephone relay equipment and the classic "doghouse" also removed. Over the many years of painting, someone repositioned the PENNSYLVANIA logo on the right side, to the rear of the tender. That oversite, along with some severe weathering have been corrected. The Society is working hard to preserve all of our "One of a Kind" pieces of rolling stock and below are some photo's of our latest endeavor.

tbtender1 (10K)  tbtender2 (8K)  tbtender3 (12K)

 tbtender5  Click to Enlarge (12K)-(48K) tbtender6  Click to Enlarge (10K)-(71K) tbtend7 ęsmph 2001 CLICK to Enlarge (11K)-(66K)

PRR  #6659   Class 210F75A Tender

The WNYRHS also owns a PRR "Coast to Coast" tender class 210F75A, removed from an M1 locomotive. Water and Coal capacity's respectively were 21000 gallons and 31 tons. It is believed to be one of the last "16" wheel tenders in existence. The M1 at the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania is displayed with a 12 wheel tender. The tender was converted to one large water tank by the Pennsy before the HRCV Corp. recieved ownership before the Society. The stoker and the ubiquitous "Dog House" were removed presumably to facilitate its conversion, and when the Society gets it's permanent home, this will be the tender displayed with the I1sa. Tender is now in storage in North Collins, New York.

Full side View of #6659 Long Haul Tender ęsmph 2004 CLICK to Enlarge (14K)-(120K)

Front to Rear View of Auxiliary Tank. Clic to ENLARGE (12K)-(55K) Rear End View with Class Lights. Click to ENLARGE (12K)-(55K)Dog House Well 72Lx39Wx21D. Click to ENLARGE (12K)-(55K) Builders Plate no6659class210F75a. Click to ENLARGE (12K)-(55K)
A long look down the length of the tender. Click to ENLARGE (12K)-(55K)Air Reservoir and Water Scoop Cylinder. Click to ENLARGE (12K)-(55K)Interior view of Stoker Well after removal and Water Tank Bracing. Click to ENLARGE (12K)-(55K)Three Quarter Front End View. Click to ENLARGE (12K)-(55K)

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