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NYC #1102 - Alco FA

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ALCO - FA2  #1102

Help the WNYRHS preserve and
restore this historic diesel locomotive.

Full side view of NYC #1102. Click to ENLARGE ©Paul Mayer (25K)-(55K)

NYC FA-2 was built in 1951 by Alco-GE as NYC class DFA-7c, series (1088-1107), came equipped with a model 244 prime mover, which produced 1600 HP. Exx-LIRR #600, ex-PC #1302, nee NYC #1102, b/n 79301 10/1951. #1102 hauled freight for the Central and was the last FA to be serviced at the NYC shops in Collinwood, Ohio before the Penn Central merger. The LIRR acquired it in 1974 and operated her until 1985. Today it is the last surviving example of of a New York Central Railroad, Alco FA. Stored awaiting restoration in South Buffalo, New York.

Full Fireman's side view of #1102. ©Arnie Morscher 6/1986 Click to ENLARGE (12K)-(55K) Full Fireman's side view of #1102. ©smph50 5/2004 Click to ENLARGE (12K)-(55K) Full Engineers side view of #1102. ©smph50 5/2004 Click to ENLARGE (12K)-(55K)
Full Fireman's side view of #1102. ©smph50 5/2004 Click to ENLARGE (12K)-(55K) A-A Truck of #1102. ©smph50 5/2004 Click to ENLARGE (11K)-(55K) LIRR #600-1974 B&W. ©Tim Darnell, in Mineola, NY. just months after purchase from the NYC in 1974. Note, No Nose Vent as of Yet! Click to ENLARGE (12K)-(55K)
LIRR #600 May 1976 in Mineola, NY. ©Tim Darnell, 1976. Click to ENLARGE (12K)-(55K) LIRR #600 June, 1979, Goes for a ride with little 25 Tonner, #39B. LIRR Morris Park Shops in Jamaica, Queens, NY. ©Tim Darnell, 6/79. Click to ENLARGE (11K)-(55K) LIRR #600 August, 1979, with Fresh Paint! Oyster Bay Branch, NY. ©Tim Darnell, 1979. Click to ENLARGE (12K)-(55K)

Our Sincere thanks go out to Tim Darnell for providing these historical photo's when #1102 was running daily passenger trains on "MetroRail" back in the late 70's. Tim was a resident of Long Island when he captured these images. Wouldn't it be great if we could find some when she was in her NYC Lightning Stripes?

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