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PRR Steam Engine #4483   PRR #4488 Steam Engine ©2003 smph50 (6K)
Built in 1923, Baldwin Locomotive #4483, built for the Pennsylvania
Railroad, is the last one of its class, I1sa, of which 598 were built.

Buffalo Creek #43 ©smph50 2004    Buffalo Creek HH660 #43

NYC Alco FA2 #1102   NYC Alco FA2 #1102 ©1986 Paul Mayer (6K)
NYC #1102 ex-LIRR #600, is the last surviving example of of a New York Central Railroad, Alco FA2.

Niagara Junction #15 ©smph50 2004   Niagara Junction Electric #15
Built by GE in Schenectady, NY in 1952.

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