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Orchard Park Depot 2022

May 2022
by Robert Snyder - Depot Co-Chairman

There hasn’t been much to report on at the depot so far this Spring. We’ve been doing the usual maintenance, grass cutting & cleaning. However, there have been many meetings for a variety of reasons. On May 25th Jim Slominski & Gary Ludwig put a grab iron back on the caboose we’ve been working on for several years. We also stored a ¾ inch sheet of real plywood that was part of a Lionel train donation. That sheet is worth between 80 to 100 dollars!

June 2022
by Robert Snyder - Depot Co-Chairman

On June 4th, The  Erie Cattaraugus Rail Trail  folks did weed whacking all along the length of track behind the Depot. It made a big difference. We also finally got a lawn company to start a weed & feed program. That itself is a story for another time. For $900 they are doing everything that’s ours. They started last week, and the weeds are already curling. We will probably have them back again next year and they complement our  Eco Serve  insect control company.

We put the Orchard Park sign back up on the station on June 15th, 2022. It had been down while all the construction was going on. As you can see it was a family affair for a while. That’s Jim Slominskis' wife Maureen and his son Jim Jr. (Buzz), Fran, Gary Ludwig and I also did some of the work. I held one end of the sign while Jim & Buzz put bolts in the other end to get things started. It used to be centered on that side of the station but we had to move it towards the tracks due to the new downspout.

We are still waiting on our semaphore motors, we can’t get the guy that has them to return our calls.

The freight house deck is still in limbo. Our contractor is another guy that doesn’t return calls. We have been talking with another deck builder but even that has it’s problems too.

Our new security goes in sometime in July, we are looking forward to that one. The contractor is installing a couple more cameras to cover some blind spots and getting a totally new system. Our old system is not functioning like it should. It just got old like the rest of us!

Work sessions will continue every Wednesday and Saturday morning from 9:00am to noon. Anyone interested in spending some time at the depot please call our number, 662-7002, and let us know you are coming.

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