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Tracks of the Willans Hill Miniature Railway

This 10 minute video shows a standard circuit via the Spiral and Museum lines. It was filmed by the Wagga Wagga Daily Advertiser.

Don't have three hours to watch SBS Australia's The Ghan? Take 10 minutes for the Wagga version.

Posted by The Daily Advertiser on Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Main Line

The Main Line is a mostly ground level track. It goes over a long, curved trestle bridge, then under the Museum line at Hawkesbury Bridge, through the pine trees then along a straight, into the cutting and through the tunnel. It then loops around to the station.


Museum Line

The museum line extends though the gardens and up a gradient which peaks at 1:38, then crosses the Hawkesbury Bridge to the staff point, then proceeds under Lord Baden Powell Drive, then continues around the balloon loop with a panoramic view of the city, back past the tree chapel and the Chinese gardens to the main line track.


Spiral Line

The Spiral line construction was completed in 2016.