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ooooooops..lost my index.html page....

I wrote a bunch of text here and ftp'd something over it..stupid me....

I thank the host here for the space. I slowly hope to construct a site here. I create from 'scratch' so its sloooow.

I hope to put up a bunch of pictures taken the last few decades and other misc. information...mostly about ex-rail lines...

My hobby has been traveling and snapping photo's of abandoned lines.

I seem to be having a terrible time with photo's..maps...or whatever.... If its a scan....needs to be cropped....nice to watermark it one way or another....reduce the jpg size for the web.... I try to get them under 50k but especially with detailed maps like topo the 'detail' needed might be lost.) I seem to end up with these things all mixed up and 'who knows where'. So if any photo's on this site STINK a project is to re-upload something of better quality if possible at a later date. Don't they say every time you edit a jpg quality is lost? (don't know) Gif format? Good for small maps but larger things seems not the preferred format. This stuff is a whole science in itself.---and time consuming.... eeeks---I think I figured out part of my problem. I have been using web-based photo places to play with photo's. It seems every time I go back to such things look worse all the time. The game here? If you buy prints,etc. you can get higher resolution.

For now try the below on link...

The Housatonic Railroad 2001 north of Cornwall,Bridge,Ct. Some years prior it was overgrown with weeds.Click picture for another shot along River Road,Cornwall,Ct. 2001

Bridgeport,Ct. Worcester Station Misc.Images Bridgeport,Ct. I-95
Catskill Mtn. RR Various Pictures

Section of Unknown Photo's
Connecticut Trolley's

click for 1902 Trolley Companies

I have been in a 'rant' about images on the the link went with corrected link it seems GOOGLE shrunk the images...grrrrrrrrrr


DISCLAIMER: We have no interest in using any copyright material against anybodies wishes. We are non-profit non-commercial. If anything on this site a claim of copyright wishes to be made please a little proof and webmaster is happy to remove.

Otherwise everything on this site is under copyright. If anything here is of interest such as any images/photo's maybe just ask for permission? Nobody likes their hard work duplicated without even asking.

I might note 'history' is not under exclusive ownership. I often see exact duplication of old books,articles,maps,etc. on the web and somebody thinks they have copyright to such just because they took the work to scan or copy it. i.e. a scanned newspaper article.. Copyright rests with the newspaper or author...not the person who took the work to scan it....

We have been collecting photocopies of 'things' for many years. If any of such is reproduced here copyright? I have no idea 20 years later. Again this site is non-commercial non-profit and the only interest we would even have in it is we enjoy railroads and railroad history....not arguments about copyright....AGAIN !!!! I have been taking photocopies of material for decades. This was quite normal behavior up to internet days. Now we have everybody screaming copyright and acting like lawyers when often claims have no foundation. FAIR USE? Some hate to hear it and re-write the law. I have no idea many sources decades later. If anything on this site has a copyright objection just say so !!!!

Please excuse our lack of getting material into this website. From Spring of 2003 till recent times we have been dealing with that LYME DISEASE.---from those Lyme Ticks that are epidemic 2003 in Connecticut....You don't die but it makes you feel OLD OLD. Eat antibiotics and I guess it eventually knocks the germ out. I always thought it was funny as have spent my life wandering outside and hardly ever saw a tick. This year tonloads and they all carry Lyme Bacteria---about 100% sent to State Lab test positive...

Eeeeeks...what a year here. Busy with this website ? I'm now scheduled for Surgery. Again..please excuse lack of material and updates here but most important a big thanks for the 'space' here to use for one of my major hobbies..railroad history....

I might move some of this to this host but until then this site on this link has been taking up allot of little time I've had. (allot? or all my time !!!!) Amusement Parks. Railroad related? Most old amusement parks were creations of the Trolley Companies to increase ridership.

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