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Atlantic Coast Line 4-8-4s

Atlantic Coast Line

Class R-1 4-8-4's

the "Eighteen-hundreds"

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Advertising, Art and Models of the R-1

updated 3 April 2023


Advertisements featuring R-1's.

The ACL's own newsletter had a big article on the R-1's in 1938.

                    News 1938

This advertisement from the International Nickel Company features an R-1 as well as several other contemporary steam locomotives.

Nickel steel was popular just prior to WWII for use in constructing boilers as it was significantly stronger than the steels that had been previously used, allowing the use of thinner material for the boiler and a subsequent weight saving.

Unfortunately after these boilers had been in service for some years, it was found that many of them developed extensive microscopic cracks. This was determined to be caused by fabrication techniques in some cases, and water treatment in others. This was a very expensive problem at the worst possible time for steam as diesel-electric locmotives were begining to make inroads.

Some locomotives built during WWII were inadvertantly lucky, as nickel was in short supply due to the war effort necessitating the use of conventional boiler steel. As a result "war baby" locomotives generally avoided the issues mentioned above.
boiler advertisement

This advertisement from Baldwin's subsidiary Standard Steel Works notes many of the specialized parts used in the R-1's were produced by Standard.
Standard Steel Advertisement

This advertisment from Sunbeam ran in the December 24, 1938 issue of Railway Age magazine and shows the turbo-generators and headlights they provided for the R-1's.
Sunbeam advertisement


Art featuring the R-1.

ACL R-1 Letterhead
Used on ACL Company Stationary

                        R-1 art

                        R-1 art

E Haddock
This is a print of a drawing by Land Surveyor and artist Ernest Haddock, Jr. of Kingstree, SC

MF Kotowski
                    Print Image
Artist Mike Kotowski Painted this R-1 Image, "The Dixie Flyers"

The artist's rendering below was purchased at an estate sale in New Jersey in the summer of 2016; the image was forwarded to me by Mrs. Joanne Harvey for use on the website. Mrs. Harvey believes it was a concept drawing done at the Baldwin Locomotive Works prior to the construction of the locomotive to present to the railroad for review. Note that the locomotive in the drawing appears to have conventional bearings on an outside bearing lead truck.



A brass HO scale model of the R-1 was imported by Overland Models in the mid-1970's:

ACL R-1 Overland Model

The Smithsonian Institution owns a large (1/2 inch = 1 foot) scale model of an R-1. This model is currently (February 2022) on loan to another organization.

Smithsonian model

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