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BNSF's Seligman Subdivision Page: Flagstaff Segment: Maine, AZ to Yampai, AZ  

BNSF's Seligman Subdivision

Crookton Segment: Maine, AZ to Yampai, AZ

Updated:  10/10/2005 Current Picture Count = 60

        The Crookton Cutoff is somewhat difficult to access, however the difficulty is more than made up for with some real treats in which to photograph the seemingly endless parade of trains. Deep cuts are a trademark of the Crookton Cutoff, so named when the AT&SF built it back in 1960 to alleviate the grueling grades of the original alignment that went through Ash Fork, AZ. Now the line passes through remote ranches and past busy flagstone quarries, yet it offers some great places to enjoy the show! You'll almost certainly need a truck with a higher clearance and while not an absolutely necessity, a 4x4 would be helpful. Definitely read my map page on this area and be prepared to turn around if you find conditions are not like I found them. Enjoy!

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Picture Pages

Maps and Railfan Info

Seligman Sub Main Page

Seligman Sub Map and Railfan Info

Flagstaff (Winslow, AZ to Bellemont, AZ)

Flagstaff Segment

Crookton Cutoff (Maine, AZ to Yampai, AZ)

Crookton Cutoff Segment

Kingman (Nelson, AZ to Needles, CA)

Kingman Segment

From East to West



Bnsf 4546  Maine, AZSF 6300  Maine, AZSF 941  Maine, AZBNSF 980  Maine, AZBNSF 4606  Maine, AZ BNSF 5437  Maine , AZNS 9587, AZBNSF 4095  Maine, AZ*



Williams Jct

SF 915  Williams Jct., AZBNSF 4678  Williams, AZBNSF 761, Williams Jct., AZBNSF 503  Williams Jct., AZ


 NS 9800  Williams, AZBNSF 5069  Williams, AZ


SF 116  East Perrin, AZSF 116  East Perrin, AZ


BNSF 6838  W Doublea, AZSF 120  W Doublea, AZ**

Eagle Nest

BNSF 4958  Eagle Nest, AZBNSF 4805  Eagle Nest, AZBNSF 4768  Eagle Nest, AZ BNSF 4825  Eagle Nest, AZ******


Bnsf 4868  Crookton, AZBNSF 1123  Crookton, AZBNSF 980  Crookton, AZBNSF 4599 Crookton, AZ*****


BNSF 5389  Seligman, AZBNSF  Seligman, AZ


BNSF 4055   Audley, AZBNSF 5014  Audley, AZBNSF 5304  Audley, AZNS 9390 Audley, AZNS 9344 Audley, AZ*


SF 8717  Pica, AZ***


SF 841  Yampai, AZBNSF 4365 Yampi Summit, AZ****

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